(Last Updated On: August 17, 2017)

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Never Bean Better Day - August 22


If you’ve waited for a Never Bean Better Day to enjoy the unconditional love of your canine companion, August 22 is the day! Just like our ever-joyful pets, Never Bean Better Day casts away the worries and spreads enthusiasm for life.

Never Bean Better Day encourages both the spirit of generosity and sharing the joys of life with delight.  Go out into the world with your family pet and plant the bean of love every where you go.  Share it generously, like dogs do when they are taking care of us when we are sick or down, giving us all their love with abandon in the forms of licks and snuggles or tricks and antics only canines know how to do. Sometimes, they even have their own love song or woo woo.  It’s a Never Bean Better Day to share all the love your dog has stored up!


In recognition of the Never Bean Better Day, share the Bean wuv. Fetch up fun and make a difference like Bean, a very special therapy dog, does every day in providing comfort and joy to so many through his physical and virtual presence. Help someone by sharing your time, talent or treasure or just by making someone’s day by getting them to play … human or canine!

Follow Bean’s tail on Facebook at Never Bean Better @neverbeanbetterwoo, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to spread the Bean wuv by using the #NeverBeanBetterDay and

@neverbeanbetter to share your never bean better moments on social media.  Get out and fetch up some fun! Make every day a Never Bean Better day!

The Drager Group, Inc. founded Never Bean Better Day to recognize the unconditional love dogs bring to human lives. Never Bean Better Day honors the birth of a special therapy dog, Bean, who eagerly spreads his Bean wuv everywhere he goes and improving the lives of those who need it most. Visit to learn more about Bean and his many talents, canine and not so canine.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared Never Bean Better Day to be observed August 22 annually beginning in 2017.


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