World Quark Day - January 19 (1)
(Last Updated On: January 11, 2019)

World Quark Day - January 19


On January 19th, World Quark Day officially celebrates quark and its many benefits. Quark is a European superfood staking its claim on supermarket shelves around the world. Quark is a delicious high-protein, low-fat alternative to soft cheese and yogurt that can be used for baking, cooking and blending.

There are no limits to the uses of quark. Whether the menu calls for sweet or savory, hot or cold, quark cheese is extremely versatile. Replace cream cheese or sour cream with quark and enter the world of healthy, low-carb, low-fat culinary delights. Experience quark smoothies, cheesecakes, dips and spreads, and be surprised by its incredible versatility.

Learn about quark’s many possibilities as a home remedy and beauty product that millions of Europeans have benefited from for centuries.


  • World Quark Day encourages you to learn how to easily integrate quark into your day, from breakfasts and smoothies to low-carb lunches, delicious dinners, and guilt-free desserts.
  • Become familiar with the many ways that quark can be used to promote good health and try out any of the hundreds of recipes and remedies that support a healthy, natural lifestyle.
  • Share your quark experiences, whether you’re enjoying it while traveling or you’re eating it at home. Share your personal experience with other quark fans from around the world and learn from others how you can #quarkupyourlife. Spread the word and wisdom of healthy eating and living by using #WorldQuarkDay and #quarkupyourlife on social media.


World Quark day was first introduced by The Queen of Quark, healthy eating enthusiast and author, born in beautiful Bavaria, Germany. Her mission is to share the many benefits of Quark through her blog and on social media, connecting with Quark fans from all over the world to support clean eating habits via

In August of 2018, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed World Quark Day to be observed annually on January 19th.

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