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National Wanna Get Away Day - June 18


With the summer travel season upon us, National Wanna Get Away Day celebrates our freedom to get away on June 18th.

Planning memorable trips and get-aways brings out the adventurer in all of us! These get-aways take us to family we long to see and historic places. We seek the sun, sand, big cities and the countryside, too. It is a national pastime with deep roots – one that connects all of us to the people and places most important in our lives. National Wanna Get Away Day is the perfect day for celebrating, dreaming, and planning all the adventures you will take this year and every year after!


On June 18th, celebrate the freedom to travel with National Wanna Get Away Day! With so many places to go and people to see, the day gives you the opportunity to spark your travel adventures.

  • Plan a dream vacation.
  • Visit loved ones near and far.
  • Book one, two or three mini-adventures.
  • Discover faraway places.
  • Invite someone to visit you.
  • Book a trip somewhere new at Southwest.com.
  • Share past adventures – they’ll inspire new ones!

Where do you want to travel? Share your adventures using #WannaGetAwayDay on social media.


In 2021, Southwest Airlines® founded National Wanna Get Away to commemorate the airline’s 50th Anniversary. At Southwest, they have spent half a century making everything seem a little bit closer and giving people the freedom to get away, wherever and whenever. In 1996, Southwest coined the phrase “Wanna Get Away®” to highlight the Company’s expansion. The phrase also creates humorous moments relevant to its Customers within its marketing. As “Wanna Get Away” has become an iconic and recognized expression for the brand, Southwest took it a step further to celebrate its 50th Anniversary by announcing this new annual day.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Wanna Get Away to be observed on June 18, 2021, and every year after.

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