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National Skilled Trades Day - First Wednesday in May


The first Wednesday in May educates us about National Skilled Trades Day.

Across the nation, many businesses require highly skilled workers to fill a multitude of trades in the healthcare, construction, manufacturing/industry, and service categories. Learn trades in a variety of fields from machinery and construction to medical and beauty. Whether you’re interested in being a chef or mechanic, working as a medical coder or helping others as an Emergency Medical Technician, a nursing aide or a vet tech, choices are available.

There are more jobs than workers, too! And the trend will continue for the next couple of decades. Therefore, National Skilled Trades Day is important today and in the future. Baby boomers retire faster than companies can fill job openings increasing the demand for skilled workers. Pair the drastic costs of a college degree making education unattainable for many and a skilled trade becomes the smart alternative.

Those in skilled trades often only need a certification to start their career, which means they can begin earning with little to no debt from education. Our society has a hard time accepting the skilled trades route as a valuable career path. National Skilled Trades Day aims to raise awareness and help show America the value in skilled trades. If we are going to create growth in our country, we must celebrate the critical jobs that fall under Skilled Trades.

It’s rewarding to roll up your sleeves and put in an honest day’s work. In the skilled trades, you can have a career that offers excellent pay, benefits, healthcare and more. Whether working in the heating and cooling ventilation industry or cutting hair, skilled trades occupations won’t be replaced by machines or outsourced. They are in higher demand than ever before.

The skilled trades community holds the country together. We call these very people to fix our cars, install new toilets, build our homes, take our blood and make sure our pets are healthy. So, on the first Wednesday of May, celebrate those in the skilled trades – it’s a true labor of love.


For Schools
  • Get the word out about the need for skilled trades workers and the benefits of learning a trade. Skilled trades are the college alternative.
  • Encourage community support for students and parents who are considering going into skilled trades fields. Let them know the value of the benefits and instill a sense of pride for those who chose to lead lives in a skilled trades field. It’s a noble career path with benefits equal to a traditional four-year degree.
  • Career and technical centers can host open houses and/or career and job fairs.
  • Introduce the trades early. Elementary schools can have a “Dress Up as Your Favorite Skilled Trades Worker” Day.
  • Find room in the school budget for shop class.
  • Schedule a field trip to a construction site or small business.
  • Create classroom projects geared toward skilled trades.
For Businesses
  • Get the word out about the need for skilled trades workers and the benefits of learning a trade. Contact local radio and television stations and newspapers. The community needs to hear you are looking for skilled trades workers.
  • Host an open house at your place of employment.
  • Have breakfast or lunch catered for your employees.
  • Highlight your employees on social media: Why did they pick a career in the skilled trades? What life lessons have they learned in their years working in skilled trades?
For those in the Skilled Trades
  • Share your trade with someone you know.
  • Post about the day on social media.
  • Volunteer to speak at a career fair.
For Communities
  • If you see someone in a uniform, be sure to thank them.
  • If you own a store or restaurant, consider giving a discount to those who visit in uniform on National Skilled Trades Day.
  • Teach your children and grandchildren that skilled trades are the college alternative. Not everyone needs to go to college. Many technical schools provide the science, math and technology training required for any skills required.

Use #NationalSkilledTradesDay to share your experience in your trade, or follow the day on social media at @CMTCompanies on Facebook or Twitter or @NationalDayCalendar on Facebook and @NationalDayCal on Twitter.

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City Machine Technologies, Inc. founded National Skilled Trades Day to bring awareness to the skilled trades shortage facing the United States. It is also a day to celebrate those important workers employed as a skilled tradesperson. As a family-owned and operated industrial repair shop in Youngstown, Ohio, City Machine Technologies has experienced a labor shortage and is concerned about the future of their business as well as others in the manufacturing industry. Rather than sit back and wait for the culture to change, CMT decided to spur change and shed a positive light on the skilled trades through awareness and special events like National Skilled Trades Day.

In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Skilled Trades Day to be observed on the first Wednesday in May annually.

May 1, 2019
May 6, 2020
May 5, 2021
May 4, 2022
May 3, 2023
May 1, 2024
May 7, 2025
May 6, 2026
May 5, 2027
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May 2, 2029

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