National Shawarma Day - October 15
(Last Updated On: June 22, 2022)

National Shawarma Day - October 15


National Shawarma Day on October 15th celebrates the Middle Eastern rotisserie method of cooking meats such as lamb, chicken, and beef and the dishes it makes. Not only does shawarma bring mouth-watering flavour, but it also can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Bursting with a marinade of Mediterranean herbs and spices, shawarma chicken slowly cooks on a vertical rotisserie spit. The tender meat is then thinly sliced, grilled and added to a pita wrap with a variety of toppings. Customize this flavourful dish with fresh vegetables, cheese and a variety of herbs. Special sauces enhance the enjoyment of this delectable dish as well, such as the customer favourite Osmow’s™ garlic sauce. No matter how you like your shawarma, the combinations are endless.

Not in the mood for a wrap? Shawarma also tastes great on a salad, rice or fries. Anything exploding with this much flavour deserves a celebration!

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalShawarmaDay

Experience a flavour-filled shawarma! Order lamb, beef, chicken, or even Beyond Meat® to celebrate. Share the shawarma experience by inviting a friend to join you. Any foodie will want in on the celebration. While you’re savouring every bite, be sure to share your favourite shawarma on social media. Look for special offers from Osmow’s (such as $5 original pricing on select menu items) and brand equivalents to help you satisfy your shawarma cravings, too!  And then, be sure to share your celebration on social media using #NationalShawarmaDay.


Osmow’s founded National Shawarma Day in 2020 to celebrate the Middle Eastern flavours offered in delicious shawarma. Celebrate with one of Osmow’s signature dishes. Whether it’s a wrap, on the ROCKS™ (rice) or STIX™ (fries) or another customer favourite poutine, you’ll be sure to keep coming back for more!

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Shawarma Day to be observed on October 15th, annually.

About Osmow’s

Founded in 2001 by Sam Osmow, the first Osmow’s store was located in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada & remains a successful operation to this day. Sam saw an opportunity to bring his Egyptian roots to the Canadian landscape blending traditional Egyptian cuisine balanced with a North American palette. Thus filling a void in the current fast, casual culinary marketplace. Osmow’s flavourful dishes with their signature sauces such as the fan-favourite garlic sauce keeps bringing customers back again and again to satisfy their cravings. The restaurant has grown to more than 100 locations and is expanding across Canada. Osmow’s also invites all other Mediterranean brands to celebrate October 15th as National Shawarma Day as we continue to grow this exciting flavourful food niche in the spirit of diversity and cultural exploration

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