(Last Updated On: August 8, 2017)

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National Shapewear Day - August 10

National Shapewear Day

August 10th recognizes what has been a long-standing important, and at times, essential, article of clothing that has built confidence and poise for centuries. National Shapewear Day celebrates the history, current trends, and continued use and evolution of body shaping garments.

The history of shapewear can be seen as paralleling the development of clothed civilization itself, as evidence exists from archaeological drawings depicting women in corset-like garments dating back to Greek and Roman antiquity.  It was during the 16th century, however, when corsets and shaping undergarments appeared to have ascended to the status of required fashion, typically worn by royalty that marked the current style of the era.  Many changes and trends in clothing fashion were accompanied by the ubiquitous corset that was perhaps the most recognizable item in a woman’s ensemble.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and shapewear has become barely recognizable from the constricting, cumbersome and impractical garments worn by our predecessors. Shapewear has evolved to meet the varied and sophisticated needs of today’s modern society and is created from some of the most advanced materials available.  Constructed of breathable, flexible and durable fabrics, shapewear comes in almost any style and shape imaginable that essentially is a custom fit for anyone looking to add a garment to their wardrobe.  Today’s shapewear is so versatile and practical, it smooths and supports even the most stubborn spots on the body.   Men and women don business wear, formal attire or even casual clothes with shapewear beneath, and share a more polished look to the world.  The resulting confidence they exude thanks to their modern supporting shapers does not go unnoticed.  Whatever the occasion, shapewear will have you covered.

If you think shapewear is the uncomfortable and restrictive garment of the past, check out the latest styles. Times have most certainly changed, and shapewear is now one of the most versatile articles of clothing, making them suitable for use during all seasons and occasions. Use #NationalShapewearDay to share on social media.


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The Pink Room founded National Shapewear Day to celebrate and generate interest in the ongoing advancements, improvements, and benefits of foundation garments.  Empowering people by making them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin with a little help from shapewear!

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Shapewear Day to be observed annually on August 10.


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