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National SAN Architect Day is observed annually on May 3.

Storage Area Network (SAN) Architects manage America’s data. They perform the thankless job of managing America’s IT infrastructure; organizing voluminous data networks, handling security, guarding against data breaches, making sure payments and invoices go out on time, handling financial resources and ensuring human resources compliance. In short they are engaged in every aspect of corporate life, yet there is virtually no acknowledgment of their extensive contributions.

Unknown largely to shareholders, they labor in obscurity, keeping America’s data safe. Corporate management will usually not mention the people who build and maintain their storage area networks unless there is a catastrophic data breach. In all other instances SAN architects labor in obscurity working for organizations that range from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs and virtually all government agencies – buried behind the walls of the Data Center.

But that is about to change. With the inauguration on the National SAN Architect day, SAN Architects will emerge out of the shadows of the back room of corporate life into the spotlight of recognition commensurating with the far-reaching tasks they perform.


Thank a SAN architect for keeping us safe. Post on social media using #SANArchitectDay.


National SAN Architect Day was submitted by KCI, Inc. and proclaimed by the Registrar at National Day Calendar to be observed annually on May 3.

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