(Last Updated On: August 14, 2017)

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National Princess Day - November 18


Rolling out the red carpet on November 18, National Princess Day recognizes every girl deserves some pageantry in their lives no matter their age.  After all, each one is a princess in someone’s eyes.

Perhaps your princess is of the high-stepping variety, full of energy, dancing and twirling their way to every adventure.  The occasion may call for an orchestra or a concert of sorts.  Other princesses must expel their energies through the pursuit of vigorous debate and rousing laughter.  Some may be more introverted, reserving their thoughts for their ideal company.

Historically, though, princesses are independent minded, joyful and generous of spirit.  Their loyalty knows no bounds.  When a princess senses a celebration about, she is sure to join with full enthusiasm.  And one in her honor, well, you can be sure National Princess Day will be well received.  So, roll out the red carpet and bring a smile to the princess in your life.


Show the princess you know the royal treatment on National Princess Day. Use #NationalPrincessDay to share on social media.


National Princess Day was created by The Swan Princess® to recognize the Princess in each girl, of every age, who deserves to be treated as royalty! The Swan Princess was released as an animated theatrical film in the United States on November 18, 1994. The film features Princess Odette and the beautiful swan from Tchaikovsky’s famed ballet, Swan Lake, which premiered in March 1877.

The Swan Princess series is the accomplishment of a small, independent group based in Utah that has existed against the odds. The history of The Swan Princess® brand, including the release of the original film, is a story that embodies fortitude, kindness and joy (the prevailing features of Princess Odette herself). The Swan Princess® strives to create joy in the lives of all fans and families. Please join us in celebrating the royalty in everyone on National Princess Day!

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Princess Day to be observed annually beginning in 2017.

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