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National Pennsylvania Day on July 20 recognizes the second state to join the Union.  Once the home of the temporary capital of the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is also known as the Keystone State. While the source of the nickname has been forgotten, the meaning is not lost. Bridge builders know leaving the vital keystone out of their structure would be folly and would lead to collapse.

Pennsylvania played many roles that could be considered keystones. Its vote for independence was split between its eight delegates and played a vital role in deciding to move toward independence and cementing the union of the newly formed country.

The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed in Philadelphia during its tenure as the temporary capital. It was geographically centered among the 13 original colonies.

Join National Day Calendar as we celebrate National Pennsylvania Day by exploring the iconic, historic and hidden treasures of this enchanting and complex state.

Join the celebration and National Day Calendar by exploring this enchanting state and its people on National Pennsylvania Day!