National Movie Night - Second Friday in June
(Last Updated On: May 6, 2022)

National Movie Night - Second Friday in June


Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket and your favorite buddy, put away the cell phones and tablets, and then queue up a string of movies for a fun night of entertainment. National Movie Night on the second Friday in June encourages us to start (or restart) a tradition of movie nights with friends and family.

Movies have been bringing people together for over 100 years. The stars, the stories entertain us, connect us and help us create memories. As technology evolves, so does how we enjoy our movie nights. From the theater to reel-to-reel home movies, the VCR, DVD, and streaming, we’ve been enjoying movies on big and small screens. Drive-in movies invited us to enjoy films from the comfort of our cars. Today, our video library is as large as we want it to be thanks to streaming services. We can even enjoy movies in our own backyards projected onto screens under the stars.

Can you smell the popcorn popping? Start your tradition with friends and family on National Movie Night with new and classic movies at the theatre or in your homes.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMovieNight

What movie will you watch and who will you invite for National Movie Night? There are so many ways to start a movie tradition:

  • Make a movie night bucket list.
  • Share your favorite movie quotes.
  • Create a group with people who love movies. Plan to celebrate with a night out at the movie theatre.
  • Host a movie night in with the family. Pick a film the whole family will enjoy.
  • Invite friends and family for a movie night BBQ. Hang a sheet or screen to project the movie onto. Wait for it to get dark and then let the entertainment begin.
  • Load up the car and head to the nearest drive-in movie theatre.
  • Create a buffet of your favorite movie snacks and beverages for everyone to enjoy.
  • Ask everyone to write a review and deliver it in their best critic voice.
  • Invite everyone to dress in their red-carpet best for movie premieres and go to the movies in style.

Don’t forget to share your movie night traditions. Use #NationalMovieNight to share your celebration on social media and follow @movienightjournal. Sit back, hit play, and enjoy the show!


Movie Night LogoJennifer and Jayda Borget, a mother-daughter duo fluent in movie quotes and authors of the Family Movie Night Journal, founded National Movie Night to create an opportunity to bring new and old movie night traditions to life. Be prepared to laugh, cry or cringe, but most importantly, to make memories! Need a list of suggestions for National Movie Night? This list at will get you started.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Movie Night in 2022 to be observed the second Friday in June and every year thereafter.

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