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National Maryland Day - August 24


On August 24, we usher in the 7th state to join the Union with National Maryland Day.  Maryland’s coastal location brings with it not only a deeply rooted naval heritage but an ocean battle defending the city of Baltimore and Ft. McHenry during the War of 1812 inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the words that later became our National Anthem.

Just over 200 years before these traditions were established, Captian John Smith explored the Chesapeake Bay and the Nanticoke River.He kept a record of his travels, documenting the Native American people and their cultures, the abundant animal, and plant life. This vast watershed is the largest estuary in the United States.

This vast watershed is the largest estuary in the United States. The Chesapeake Bay watershed is a complex ecosystem encompassing more than just the bay. From the farthest reaches of every tributary feeding the bay, the air, flora and fauna surrounding it and into the depths of the bay itself, the Chesapeake watershed is full of diverse and abundant life and is just one of Maryland’s gems.

Spending a weekend or a vacation at Ocean City with friends or family is tradition or a highlight to a trip.  The boardwalk and beaches provide plenty of relaxation, adventure and fun in the sun.  The Eastern Shore offers scenic views, site seeing, peaceful accommodations, festivals and events for everyone.

Head west to Antitiem and Maryland will take you into another era of history.  Here, the battlefields and Antietam National Cemetery hold a solemn reminder of the bloodiest singled day battle of the Civil War that occurred on September 17, 1862. Five days later, President Lincoln issued a Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. While Maryland was a southern state as defined by the Mason-Dixon line, it never seceded from the Union.  Many families fought on opposite sides throughout the war.  This may have been true for families in other states, but it was a reoccurring theme for Maryland families.

Located close to Washington D.C. makes Maryland ideal for aerospace, defense and cybersecurity federal jobs. The state’s fishing industry thrives and is the largest producer of blue crabs in the state. The state is also home to McCormick & Company, Perdue Farms, Lockheed Martin, Black & Decker and Underarmor.


This beautiful state spans mountains and oceans, countryside and metropolis.  Join National Day Calendar as we celebrate Maryland’s people and their history on August 24. Use #NationalMarylandDay to share on social media.

Each week following the week of Independence Day 2017, National Day Calendar will be announcing a National Day in honor of each state in the order they entered the union. We start with Delaware on July 13 and will complete the celebrations with Hawaii on June 27, 2018, allowing for some time off for the holidays.

For more information on this great state, visit the National Day Calendar page for National Maryland Day.


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