National Leadership Day - February 20
(Last Updated On: February 14, 2022)

National Leadership Day - February 20


National Leadership Day is set aside to acknowledge the power of leadership. Every year, on February 20th, we recognize the impact that leaders make in people’s lives as they seek to develop themselves and others.

When you think about it, in every relationship, one person influences another, whether a parent or child, spouse or friend, student or teacher, employer or employee. In our everyday interactions with one another, someone is leading or influencing the other to do something or become something. This means that anyone can be a leader, whether you have a title or not.

Over 50 years ago, John C. Maxwell defined leadership as this: “Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.”

When we talk about leadership, we know that leadership is about growth – for yourself, your relationships, your productivity, and your people. To lead well, you must embrace your need for continual improvement so that you can be the best leader you can be.


The observance aims to empower people to help others and be change agents and difference makers in someone’s life. This is the opportunity we have on National Leadership Day: To show people what it means to be a good leader and inspire them to be a positive force of change in another person’s life.

HOW TO OBSERVE – #NationalLeadershipDay

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” John C. Maxwell

National Leadership Day is your opportunity to celebrate the value and contributions of positive leadership around you. Share your leadership stories and recognize the leaders in your life.

  • Recognize a leader within your company, community, or home by telling them you value them as a leader. Share a story about them on social media and tag your post with #NationalLeadershipDay.
  • Share your favorite leadership quote or book on social media. Tag your post with #NationalLeadershipDay.
  • Commit to reading (or re-reading) at least one leadership development book or take a course to sharpen your leadership skills this year.
  • Connect with those you lead and share a leadership lesson or value and allow them to share their takeaways.
  • Visit the John Maxwell website ( for leadership development books, podcasts, speakers, and more!

Remember to use #NationalLeadershipDay on social media so we can connect with and share your stories.


“In a time when the world is desperate for good leadership, we are incredibly excited to be the catalysts behind National Leadership Day – the day that will inspire people to become more effective leaders. From now on, we will see February 20, which is also our Founder’s, John C. Maxwell’s birthday, as an opportunity for the Maxwell Leadership Enterprise to ignite, engage and equip people to lead well. Our mission is simple: To add value to people who multiply value to others; and our time is now!”

Mark Cole, CEO Maxwell Leadership Enterprise


The Maxwell Leadership Enterprise founded National Leadership Day in 2021 to recognize what it means to be a good leader. Everyone can lead, regardless of their title or position. Once you realize the impact of your influence, you will see that you can make a difference right where you are. That is the power of leadership!

The inaugural National Leadership Day in 2022 also commemorates John C. Maxwell’s 75th birthday on February 20th. Considered the foremost authority on leadership, when others were writing about management, Maxwell began to define leadership, pointing out the difference between managing (position/process-focused) and leading (people-focused). Over 90 books, millions of trained leaders, and tens of millions of readers, subscribers, and followers later, Maxwell has received many awards for leadership from Forbes, Inc 500, and many other organizations. He also received a Horatio Alger award for his contribution to service.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Leadership Day in 2022 to be observed annually.

About The Maxwell Leadership Enterprise

Carrying out the transformational leadership legacy of John C. Maxwell, the Maxwell Leadership Enterprise’s mission is to add value to people so they can multiply value to others. Through leadership development programs and resources, our goal is to help people to increase their impact and influence by equipping them to become better leaders.

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