NEW DAY PROCLAMATION | NATIONAL GOE DAY – Sunday of the First Full Weekend in October

National GOE Day - Sunday of the First Full Weekend in October
(Last Updated On: September 1, 2020)

National GOE Day - Sunday of the First Full Weekend in October


National GOE Day – Growth. Overcome. Empower. The Sunday of the first full weekend in October encourages us to support safe spaces for healing and connection for those who have been victimized by abuse and trauma. The day focuses on healing, recovery and providing resources that support overcoming these overwhelming obstacles in life.

While abuse and trauma bring enormous emotional, mental, and physical challenges, when we overcome these challenges, it’s time to celebrate. Growth. Overcome. Empower. These elements all go into achieving the seemingly impossible. Part of the healing process requires us to feel secure and make connections with others. Art often offers all of these key ingredients to healing. How do we promote safe places and make connections through art?

  • Create art programs designed to promote healing.
  • Express ourselves in a creative way.
  • Share our experiences and our art with others.
  • Make a connection with someone who has a common goal – Growth. Overcome. Empower.
  • Share how we’ve overcome the obstacles of emotional, mental, and physical pain.

While we strive to become whole again, art provides an integral element of the healing process, too. That’s why the celebration encourages us to museums, libraries, and artists to bring their talents to the day. Incorporate the healing power of artistic expression into the healing process and make a connection. The results are undeniable. Growth. Overcome. Empower.


The day invites organizations, libraries, galleries and museums to join in the day. There are several opportunities to create safe, healing spaces.

  • Promote webinars incorporating art programs designed for healing.
  • Invite guest artists to share their skills.
  • Create special displays honoring the healing process.
  • Host art classes designed to encourage healing.
  • Organizes seminars offering education and support.

As an individual, offer to volunteer or share your story. Help someone else heal. Share the message on social media, too. Growth. Overcome. Empower. The theme is clear. Support each other and the community around you to find ways to encourage healing spaces. Make a connection and watch the healing begin. Be sure to share the story using #NationalGoeDay on social media.


Kenisha Jones of My Care Initiative

Kenisha Jones of My Care Initiative

My CARE Initiative founded National GOE Day to bring communities together to promote healing and make connections through art. The program launched on May 15, 2015, and since then, their work continues to affect positive change, growth, and progress.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National GOE Day to be observed on the Sunday of the first weekend in October, annually.

4 October 2020
3 October 2021
2 October 2022
8 October 2023
6 October 2024
5 October 2025
4 October 2026
3 October 2027
8 October 2028
7 October 2029
6 October 2030
5 October 2031

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