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National Connecticut Day - August 10


Woven into the fabric of this state’s historic landscape, we find revolutionaries, innovators, and philosophers.  On August 10, National Connecticut Day recognizes the contributions of the fifth state to join the United States of America.

Like other colonies of the region, the Dutch first explored and founded trading posts in Connecticut.  In 1633, Puritans from Massachusetts established the first permanent settlement.   From the outset, the industry established a means to prosperity in the colony.  Production of brass buttons and munitions placed the colony in a position to later supply the Revolutionary Army.  The colonial governor of Connecticut, Jonathan Trumbull, was the only governor who supported independence.

All three Connecticut delegates to the first Continental Congress continued their representation of the colony at the Second Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence.

In fact, Roger Sherman is the only person to have signed the Continental Association, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution. Eliphalet Dyer served the state of Connecticut as chief justice after the revolution.

Silas Deane served as a spy during the war and was for a time branded a traitor along with another Connecticut native, Benedict Arnold.  He died penniless, but decades later in 1840, his granddaughter would petition Congress to review his records. His name would be cleared.

Connecticut’s small but full landscape holds countless revolutionary stories and adventures.  Through every season and every era, there’s something for every generation to enjoy!


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