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National Break Up With Your Carrier Day - February 13 (1)
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On February 13th, it’s time to take stock of your relationship with your wireless carrier. National Break Up With Your Carrier Day provides the opportunity to make the switch. Don’t spend Valentine’s Day in a loveless relationship. Find the carrier who’s right for you.

Usually, on February 13th most people are hurrying into stores to find the perfect Valentine’s gift for their significant other. But it’s the ultimate day to take stock of your relationships, starting with your wireless carrier.

Ok. We understand change can be hard. Breaking up is always hard. Your wireless plan is familiar. There’s comfort in the familiar. But your wireless bill could have hidden taxes and fees. You could be paying more than you should. Your carrier may give you the run around when you call them. You never get anything from them.

It might be better to move on. Think of switching your wireless carrier as switching to a great support team during your breakup. Surrounding yourself with people who care about you and are dedicated to your wireless well-being.

Break up with your carrier today and experience the wireless relationship you deserve.


Breakups are hard to do, but if you’re ready to make the switch, there’s a dedicated team of experts waiting to make your Valentine’s Day lovable again. Visit your local T-Mobile store or http://www.t-mobile.com for special offers on this day.

And use #nationalbreakupwithyourcarrierday to share on social media.


T-Mobile founded National Break Up With Your Carrier Day to remind people they don’t have to spend Valentine’s Day in a loveless relationship with their carrier.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Break Up With Your Carrier Day to be observed annually beginning on February 13, 2019.

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