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National Whiners Day - December 26


If you want to, you are allowed to whine about being too tired, overeating, having to go back to work, having so much to clean up or the long lines in the return aisle at the store.  December 26 is National Whiners Day.

There is one thing the creator of this day hoped people across the country would not be whining about; this day is not intended for whining about what you did not get for Christmas and what you do not have but to remember all that you do have.

Many people are less fortunate than others. Some are struggling to put food on the table or a roof over their heads; some may not have family and friends. Another family may not have had one gift under the tree. Others may be fighting disease and illnesses, and some may have coped with all of these.  You may want to whine about something (and today you are allowed) but remember to be thankful for each gift you did receive and all that you do have.  (And help others when you can).


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Rev. Kevin Zaborney created National Whiners Day in 1986 in hopes of encouraging people to be thankful for what they have instead of being unhappy “whining” about what they do not have.

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