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Startup Day Across America - Changes AnnuallyNATIONAL START UP DAY – CHANGES ANNUALLY

Around the country, Start Up Day Across America creates a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with their lawmakers. For the purpose of expressing concerns, needs and struggles with making a new business flourish.

Startup Day recognizes the ingenuity, creativity and passion small businesses put into new ventures every day. As such, this day is designed to connect idea makers and job creators with policy makers. With the goal to promote small business start-ups.

Now, every year, representatives from Congress return to their districts to listen and support their small business, startups and new entrepreneurs where the ideas are developed, in their districts.


Join with Congressional leaders on Startup Day Across America. Share your ideas and be a part of the experience. Use #StartupDay to share on social media.

Be sure to take a moment to learn more about Small Business Week and how these businesses make a difference in communities.


In 2013, Representatives Jared Polis and Darrell Issa founded Startup Day Across America. Because oprening a channel of discussion between small business owners and their representatives is key. The idea is to illustrate to policy makers the difficulties they face.


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