NATIONAL REFRESHMENT DAY - Fourth Thursday in July

NATIONAL REFRESHMENT DAY – Fourth Thursday in July


National Refreshment Day on the fourth Thursday in July celebrates fun at the hottest time of the year. The day toasts those moments of ice, cold refreshment, especially a nice cold beer. These are the simple pleasures that we all love and cherish.

Whether you’re at the beach or wrapping up a long day of work, it’s nice to know there’s a glass waiting for you somewhere. The dog days of summer call for coolers full of ice. Long weekends and vacation days beckon, too. Take a day and celebrate.

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Turn the fan on high, grab your bathing suit, and ice down the beer.  Make the most of the dog days and raise a glass to Refreshment!  Give a shout-out to your favorite brewery or craft beer. You can also try something new. Have you ever tried these?

  • Mojito – This refreshing cocktail includes refreshing mint combined with rum, lime and soda water.
  • Cucumber and vodka – Cilantro and cucumber slices perk up a splash of vodka.
  • Sangria – A variety of sangria recipes offer a bright and sparkling refresher.

You can also thank a server for their dedication and buy them a refreshing beverage. Share in the holiday by using #NationalRefreshmentDay on social media.


Traveler Beer Company founded National Refreshment Day in May 2015 to highlight the refreshing flavors of summer. The Traveler Beer Company was a craft beer venture based in Burlington, Vermont. 

In 2015, the Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the celebration to be observed annually on the fourth Thursday in July.

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