NATIONAL REBUILDING DAY – Last Saturday in April

NATIONAL REBUILDING DAY – Last Saturday in April
(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)


Each year on the last Saturday in April, National Rebuilding Day encourages organizations and volunteers to pick up their tools and roll up their sleeves. On this day and over the weekend, thousands of volunteers join together to provide much-needed and sometimes critical and life-saving repairs, for vulnerable families in various communities.

The work done by volunteers is at no cost to the recipient families. Monies for materials are raised through sponsorships, donations, and in-kind gifts. Volunteers come together from area businesses, schools, faith-based organizations, civic and community groups, and associations and work selflessly to help others. 

The cost of shingling a roof or building a ramp adds up, especially if someone is on a fixed income. These volunteers make homes safer, more economical to heat and cool, and more enjoyable for the residents. 

If you can wield a hammer, saw or paint bush, haul wood, or even rake leaves, you have the skills these organizations need. Volunteers are vital to any organization, but volunteers with skills go such a long way to helping rebuild someone’s home and hope.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalRebuildingDay

Join an organization near you that helps those who need repairs to their home. If there isn’t one, encourage your church or other community groups to help you start one. Consider donating to a cause that supports helping people to keep their homes safe and healthy. Use #NationalRebuildingDay to post on social media.


The non-profit group Rebuilding Together founded National Rebuilding Day. The organization has been supporting the Chicago area for over 30 years.

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