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NATIONAL POOL OPENING DAY – Last Saturday in April

NATIONAL POOL OPENING DAY – Last Saturday in April


National Pool Opening Day is observed the last Saturday annually in April. This is a day for pool owners across the country to prepare their swimming pools for a summer of fun, fitness and enjoyment.

Swimming pools offer may benefits from physical exercise to social interaction to psychological benefits. Exercising in a swimming pool allows us to do many things that are difficult on land. The water makes us buoyant, so we don’t put as much strain on our joints. It also creates resistance, so every move becomes more of a workout. Another benefit is the cooling effect of water. It helps prevent overheating while exercising. Socializing at the swimming pool can be relaxing and fun. It can help relieve stress while enjoying friends and family.


Test and balance your water to ensure it is healthy and safe. Check your pool equipment for proper operation. Get out your favorite pool accessories so you can fully enjoy your pool. Post photos of you and your family enjoying your pool on social media using #PoolOpeningDay.


National Pool Opening Day was submitted by Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies and declared by the Registrar at National Day Calendar® in 2016.

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