National Pawnbrokers Day - December 6


Each year on December 6, people all across the United States acknowledge National Pawnbrokers Day.  This holiday was created as a day to pay tribute to a profession that provides a valuable service to their clientele of those in need of cash funds and also those looking for a reasonably good deal.

The word pawn is derived from the Latin word pignus, meaning pledge.

The history of pawnbroking begins thousands of years ago in the west in Ancient Greek and Roman Empires and in the East over 3000 years ago in China.

Five years ago, the National Pawnbrokers Association began a wonderful program on National Pawnbrokers Day called Musical Instrument Gift Day.  Pawnbrokers across the country make generous donations of musical instruments to organizations in need.  December 6, 2012, they worked with The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation and collected instruments for a high school in Mississippi.   


Visit a pawnbroker and use #NationalPawnbrokersDay to post on social media.


National Pawnbrokers Day is celebrated on International St. Nicolas Day, the patron saint of pawnbroking.

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