We celebrate National Miniature Garden Month the entire month of May to celebrate those who love the hobby of creating miniature gardens.


National Miniature Garden Month in May is the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and test your creativity skills. In fact, we guarantee creating a miniature garden will bring you nothing but pure joy and relaxation. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, get your ideas together and start creating your own creation of a miniature garden.

What is miniature gardening? A miniature garden is just a smaller version of a big garden. It’s a combination of crafting and gardening, filled with creativity as big as your dreams desire. You can create a miniature garden using trees, miniature plants or perennials, and miniature furniture or figurines. Miniature gardens can be planted in the ground or in a container, depending on your preference. Let your imagination take the reigns. 

Often thought of as a hobby, miniature gardening has become an enjoyable pass time for anyone who loves to connect with nature, while using a little imagination. Some gardeners use specific themes, such as fairy gardens filled with gnomes, elves, and dwarves. Other themes reflect a holiday or a favorite story book, filled with pieces of nostalgic memories. Whatever you decide to create, your masterpiece will be a reflection of you.

You see, miniature gardening is not only a way to grow, play, experiment, plant, create, invent, dig deeper or garden differently, it is a way touch the hearts of people in ways that they never would have imagined. ~Janit Colvo, Miniature Garden Society

Ideas for a Miniature Garden

Like any good project, a miniature garden starts as an idea. The idea you choose can reflect a specific theme or a simple layout you may have in your mind. Many expert miniature gardeners recommend sketching out your idea first. It doesn’t matter if you can draw or not, the idea is to get a picture in your mind of what you are working towards. Once your sketch is done, the next step is to find a container or location big enough for your miniature garden. How much room do you have? What size is the space you want to fill? All of these questions can be answered with simple planning. You will also need to decide which plants will work best and what type of accessories you will want. You will have a beautiful miniature garden before you know it!

Miniature Garden Ideas

  • Fairy
  • Birds and animals
  • Plants
  • Holiday theme
  • Meditation prayer gardens


  • Attend a miniature garden class to begin creating your own miniature garden.
  • Learn about the best plants to use with a miniature garden.
  • Start a miniature garden therapy class at a senior homes, children’s hospitals, or veteran home.
  • If you’re an expert, teach your own miniature gardening class.
  • Have a miniature garden creating party.
  • Learn about and become a member of the Miniature Garden Society.
  • Visit Two Green Thumbs for ideas to create your next miniature garden.
  • Share your miniature garden creations on social media using #NationalMiniatureGardenMonth.


In 2022, National Day Calendar approved National Miniature Garden Month on behalf of Janit Calvo and Two Green Thumbs. Janit is the founder of the miniature garden hobby. She is also the president of the Miniature Garden Society and author of Gardening in Miniature books published by Timber Press. Through her business Two Green Thumbs, Janit has been working on spreading the joy of miniature gardening.

Janit’s love of miniature gardening was sparked after seeing the miniature and dwarf conifers at a nursery in north Seattle where she was working at the time. After scouring the Internet and the library system for months and not finding anything on the topic, Janit realized that there was an opportunity to expand the miniature garden market. After building the market for the hobby, the final piece of community and having the right information for success, Janit created the Miniature Garden Society!

Miniature Garden Society

As leaders in the miniature gardening industry, the Miniature Garden Society provides membership for those who are passionate about creating miniature gardens. The society is comprised of a group of innovators that disrupt the way things are done to create endless and new possibilities for miniature gardening. In addition, the society provides the people who love to garden a safe place to go where a community of other like-minded enthusiasts have real conversations about miniature gardening.

The Miniature Garden Society uses the art of gardening in miniature as a creative outlet, which allows members to have their own fun and share their love and joy with the rest of the world. Explorers of this special society are curious to find out what works well for their miniature gardens. By sharing information with one another, members dig deeper into their creativity and learn whether something worked or if purchases were worth their value.

All Miniature garden members value Mother Nature in all her glory. They love their gardens, large and small, because it keep them grounded. Through miniature gardening, they help each other grow and connect by sharing nature’s details and mysteries with one another. They understand how meaningful those little moments can be and coming together to learn from one another builds life-long friendships.


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