National Margery Day – April 26, 2014

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2022)

The registrar of National Day Calendar has designated April 26, 2014 as National Margery Day. This day celebrates the Margery’s 12th Birthday.

When Margery started school, her Mother sent her notes in her school lunchbox. Inspired by a friend, the notes became new vocabulary words complete with definitions. She continued the tradition when Margery (now 11 yrs old), started to read. Margery once confided that she was not enjoying the notes of vocabulary words with definitions. For a few days after that, her Mother sent notes with messages including, “I love you.”, “I’m proud of you.” and “Have a great day.” She quickly ran out of new maxims for her little girl.


That is when with a web search, she found the National Calendar Day website. She started sending Margery’s lunch box notes with the National “holiday” of that day. When it was something fun like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, she would include a chocolate chip cookie in her lunch. She was happy and excited when she learned that Margery often shared the National Day designations from the lunch box notes with her school friends, the lunch aides and even her teachers.


She also sent Margery letters and postcards when she was away at sleep-away camp last summer, and was sure to include a listing of upcoming dates and the National “holidays” that would be celebrated.


It seems fitting that Margery get her own National Day. Happy Birthday, Margery!

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