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NATIONAL KISS OF HOPE DAY – Last Saturday of April

National Kiss of Hope Day - Last Saturday in AprilNATIONAL KISS OF HOPE DAY

National Kiss of Hope Day is observed annually on the last Saturday of April.  This day is a day couples and parents are encouraged to express their love for one another and help be a part of exciting fund-raising ideas to help amazing charities all over the world.

The Kiss of Hope Foundation (KOH) is an organization committed to enriching the lives of families, individuals and communities in need.  The foundation’s purpose is to raise money to help families with rent, provide needed food, clothing for children, etc.


Use #NationalKissofHopeDay to share on social media.  


National Kiss of Hope Day was submitted by Bill Gobin on behalf of the Kiss of Hope Foundation in February 2015.  The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Kiss of Hope Day to be observed annually on the fourth Saturday of April.

For more information or to inquire how you can help visit Twitter at https://twitter.com/kissofhope.


Kiss Of Hope Foundation:  Bill Gobin | 310.961.8499billgobin@gmail.com

National Day Calendar®:  Marlo Anderson | 701.204.6674 | marlo@nationaldaycalendar.com

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