Independent Retailer Month - July


The entire month of July celebrates Independent Retailer Month. The month-long observance offers an opportunity for us to show local small businesses appreciation.

According to the Census Bureau and Small Business Administration, independent retailers employ approximately 51 percent of the U.S. workforce, excluding non-farm workers. In addition, they often supply products and services normally not found in big box stores.

If you’re looking for a custom fit or special gift, independent retailers are stepping up to the task, while providing quality craftsmanship. Of course, many owners and operators work long hours and dedicate extra time to the success of their business. This dedication brings vibrant local goods to market, while keeping tax dollars at home.

Independent retailers also support their communities by offering flexible employment, both full and part-time. They are the people sponsoring local events, school sports and many other organizations in the community. By shopping at a local independent retailer, you’re also supporting the town in which you live.

SUPPORTING #IndependentRetailerMonth

Head down to Main Street or your town’s retail district to see what your local retailers have available. You’ll be surprised by what they have to offer. Whether you’re looking for specialty foods, clothing, or books, independent retailers offer goods and services not found in larger stores.

Thank your local independent retailer by promoting their business. Show off your purchase using #IndependentRetailerMonth on social media!


We were unable to identify the founders of Independent Retailers Month. However, we recommend shopping locally while we search.