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National I am in Control Day - March 30NATIONAL I AM IN CONTROL DAY

National I am in Control Day is observed each year on March 30th.  

With the President being rushed to surgery on a rainy afternoon, a bullet lodged in his lung; a statement was made. “As of now, I am in control here in the White House.” Those are the words of Secretary of State Alexander Haig on March 30, 1981, after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.

He was taken to task for those words by the media. Haig later explained that he only meant that he was in charge until Vice President George Bush could be sworn in. Bush was en route at the time.

Sources believe that this was the beginning of National I am in Control Day.  This day has evolved and taken on a different context.  It is a day to get things under control in your life on a day to day basis.


There are ways to help the “out of control” feeling.  One way to begin is to take a break for a minute and evaluate your situations.
Then you may want to:

  • Start using a daily planner
  • De-clutter
  • Make lists
  • Tackle one project at a time
  • Learn organizational skills
  • Ask for help
  • Talk with someone
  • Feel confident with your decisions

Begin the steps that are needed for you to feel that you are in control of the things (at least those that can be managed) in your life.

Use #NationalIAmInControlDay to post on social media.


Our research was unable to find the creator of this day.

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