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NATIONAL DAY OF REASON – First Thursday in May


National Day of Reason First Thursday in May


National Day of Reason is observed each year on the first Thursday in the month of May.  National  Day of Reason originated in 2003 in response to the perceived unconstitutional National Day of Prayer. “According to the organizers of the National Day of Reason, the National Day of Prayer, “violates the First Amendment of The United States Constitution because it asks federal, state and local government entities to set aside tax dollar supported time and space to engage in religious ceremonies.”


There are several organizations that hold celebrations, food drives and blood donations in honor of National Day of Reason. Share your celebration ideas using #NationalDayofReason.


The National Day of Reason was created in 2003 by the American Humanist Association and the Washington Area Secular Humanists. For more information visit nationaldayofreason.org.

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