NATIONAL DAY FLAVOR – Week of July 30 – August 5

National Day Flavor - Week of July 30 to August 5 2017
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

National Day Flavor - Week of July 30 to August 5 2017


There might be a trip to the farmer’s market for this week’s celebrations. The food holidays on National Day Calendar this week are a mixture of creamy freshness, featuring fruits from the tree, garden and the sea.  On National Cheesecake Day, top your dessert with any of the fresh fruit or nuts you’ll use later in the week or maybe try a tempting recipe to prepare for National Avocado Day on Monday.  If you are celebrating every ice cream day, pace yourself.  There are plenty more on the way.

If you are celebrating every ice cream day, pace yourself.  There are plenty more on the way! Make your list and get shopping.

The season is ripe for watermelons.  National Watermelon Day falls in the month of August during the peak of production. There’s a reason for all the thumping and inspecting at the farmer’s markets. Choosing the right watermelon makes celebrating the day even sweeter.

If the melon is still on the vine, the curling tendrils near the stem should be dry, not green.  If the melon is in the market, check the end where it joined the stem.  The area should be firm and dry. If it’s green, it was picked green.  If it’s soft, the melon may be overripe.

A ripe melon will be heavy, and the area where it rested on the ground will be a pale yellow to a creamy color.   The thumping confirms the melon is filled with sweet juices of summer growth.  The final note of a deep thump signals it’s time to eat some melon.

Sunday, July 30
National Cheesecake Day

Monday, July 31
National Avocado Day*
National Raspberry Cake Day

Tuesday, August 1
National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Wednesday, August 2
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Thursday, August 3
National Watermelon Day
National Grad Some Nuts Day

Friday, August 4
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Saturday, August 5
National Oyster Day
National Jamaican Patty Day
National Mustard Day
Mead Day

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