NATIONAL DAY CLASSROOM – Week 4 – September 22-28 , 2017

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National Day Calendar Classroom - September 22-28, 2017

NATIONAL DAY CLASSROOM – Week 4 – September 22-28, 2017

This week in the National Day Calendar Classroom Math Storytelling Day and National Chocolate Milk Day take place. We decided the two observances make a delicious solution to math and science courses for all ages! We think your students will agree as well.

This week we have two fun projects. The first starts with Math Storytelling Day on September 25. The focus on this Math Storytelling Day will be how to deliver a gallon of milk without using a gallon container. Your students get to write an imaginative story about delivering a gallon of milk in containers smaller than a gallon until the entire amount has been safely delivered to their character.

There’s one other catch. Your students don’t get to pick the size of their container. Take a clean milk carton and cut the top off. On scraps of paper write various sizes of measure and drop them into the container. Have each student draw their form of measurement from the container and then pair up with a partner. Together they will create the math story and deliver the gallon of chocolate milk on National Chocolate Milk Day.

Part two takes place on National Chocolate Milk Day on September 27 and is an experiment to determine which dissolves more quickly: powered cocoa or syrup.

Milk – enough for 1 cup for each student
Chocolate syrup
Powered cocoa
2 cups for each student
spoons for mixing

Measure 1/2 cup milk per glass.  Follow instructions for adding powdered cocoa to the first cup and stir.  Follow instructions for adding syrup second cup.

Which one dissolves more quickly? Which one is more chocolatey? When the chocolate milk is finished, which one has more chocolate left at the bottom?

Share your stories from Math Storytelling Day and results from your National Chocolate Milk Day experiment.

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