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Welcome to Class - Week 3 - 20182019


We’re excited to add new projects weekly to the National Day Calendar Classroom! During Week 3 – Week of August 27, we offer up a lesson in honor of Nation Bow Tie Day. It’s a perfect way for students to express their personal style and show their expertise to family members at home. Does math make you hungry? Well, National Trail Mix Day math might solve that problem! Challenge the students to fix the fraction recipe in this week’s lesson number two. Don’t forget the trivia, crosswords, word searches, and projects from previous holidays.

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Share the video with your students and try mastering the art of tying a bow tie. Let us know how your classroom does. We love hearing from you!


Choose one kind from each section in the ingredients list and assign students to bring items to share.

nuts (2 – 8 oz ea.): walnuts, pecans, peanuts and/or almonds
seeds or grains (1-2 8 oz. ea. shelled): sunflower, pumpkin, oats, sesame
dried fruit (1- 32 oz): raisins, cranberries, pineapple, banana chips
sweets (2-12 oz. ea.): chocolate chips, m&ms, butterscotch chips, extra mini marshmallows
cereals (1 family size package): Chex cereal, fish crackers, Cheerios, pretzels, muddy buddies

You will also need:
measuring cups
bowls for each ingredient
serving containers


Place the ingredients into separate containers for easy measuring. The final trail mix should contain the following proportions

1/8 sweets
1/8 seeds
1/4 dried fruit
1/4 nuts
1/4 cereal

Students will need to determine the serving size for the trail mix. Then decide what the measurement should be for each individual ingredient. For example: If the serving size is 1 cup and they are serving only 1 person, the math is already done.  Your class size will determine the number of servings. They will need to convert the fractions for the number of students being served today.

If the class size is 16 students they will need to multiply the Ingredient (I) by the number of students (S) to know the answer (A) per ingredient.  I x S = A or using the sweets as an example 1/8 x 16 = 2 cups.

If the serving size is larger, they will need to convert the serving size first.