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National Day Calendar Classroom


You’ll have choices this week for the classroom.  Beginning on Monday, National Plant a Flower Day makes it possible to bring a little sunshine into the classroom.  On Tuesday, we move on to National Earmuff Day for a little bit of fun and giving.  Finally, it’s fun and math with National Pi Day. Or is it food? We get hungry on that one sometimes.

LESSON 1 – National Plant a Flower Day
potting soil
plastic cups
seeds (zinnia or marigold work well)

Each student places soil in the cup leaving about an inch of space from the edge. Poke 3-5 seeds per cup into the soil.  Water well, but do not over water.  Place in a sunny window. Keep watered so that soil remains damp. Don’t let the soil become dry.  If the seeds are planted on National Plant a Flower Day, plants should be ready by Mother’s Day.


LESSON 2 National Earmuff Day

Everyone wears earmuffs of course! As an added bonus, students can bring earmuffs to donate to charity.  Take up a collection to be donated to the local salvation army, homeless shelter or even your school’s own resources for those in need.

LESSON 3 – National Pi Day

Assign one of your students to be the decimal point, and the rest of your students are a digit in pi.  Now scramble them up and challenge them to get back in order as quickly as possible! The more students you have, the more fun (and chaos) it will be.  Scramble them up as many times as you like. This will get you started: 3.141592653589793238462643383

Need more?  Visit www.piday.org for more and more ideas on how to celebrate the day!

When you’re finished, everyone sits down and eat pi…we mean pie.