National Day Calendar Classroom - Week 25 - February 10, 2019
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


In the classroom this week, inventors take center stage early in the week for National Inventors’ Day. Then, we wrap up the week with No One Eats Alone Day.

The inspired creators and innovators who brought us adhesive tape, dry erase boards, staplers, and so many more school-inspired inventions get to take a bow. Students get an opportunity to share their ideas for improving the classroom. 

We also focus on each other by making sure everyone has a place at the table. Isolation doesn’t play a role in the lunchroom.  

Don’t forget, we offer trivia, crossword puzzles, and word searches for the students, too!

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LESSON 1 – National Inventors’ Day 

Inventors come in all ages, sizes, and abilities. It takes only one well executed and timed idea to generate success. However, there are often many failures leading up to any successful invention. Persistence, planning, and continued learning about the problem that needs to be solved are essential.  

Every school needs improvements here and there. National Inventors’ Day gives students an opportunity to tackle issues with an inventor’s eye toward improvement. Students may work on their own or work in groups. 

  • Identify an issue
  • Design a possible device or solution 
  • Test your invention
  • Document your results
  • Present your idea 
  • Visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office website for information and to patent any successful ideas.
Lesson 2 – No One Eats Alone Day

Students lead the way on No One Eats Alone Day. They encourage each other to be companions and learn to know each other better. The national campaign is designed to improve relationships and open communication between students during lunchtime. 

Ways students can participate

  • Design your own invitation – show your creativity and invite some new to join you for lunch.
  • Play musical tables at lunch – At lunch assign everyone a number. Much like musical chairs, play music while everyone is eating. When the music stops even numbers switch tables halfway through lunchtime. 
  • Play conversation starter games during lunch. 
  • Create a game for your lunchroom that will involve everyone.
  • For more ideas visit

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