During the first week of February, science is on the National Day Calendar Classroom. National Periodic Table Day gives us a fun challenge.

While we’re at it, the archives include activities for National Weatherperson’s Day and Safer Internet Day. As always, trivia, crossword puzzles, and word searches provide more activities for our students, too!

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LESSON 2 – National Periodic Table Day

Learning the periodic table can seem to be a daunting task to some students. However, turning the tool into a game can take away some of the stress associated with learning.

There are a variety of games already available to meet these needs. We have a few ideas of our own here at National Day Calendar, too. We’ve included links and descriptions for you below.

  • At they’ve created a name the element game online. This game is designed for grades 6-8 and students can play individually.
  • has several different games. One is a standard quiz requiring you to fill in the periodic table in an allotted amount of time. Another tests you on your knowledge of the abbreviations. One quiz won’t help you pass Muggle chemistry, but it might be fun to try.
  • Another website,, created a downloadable, printable periodic table game for the classroom. Find it in the link above.
  • Using adhesive notes, cover your periodic table squares. On each note, write only the symbol used to represent the element and a value for points.
    • Divide your class into teams. Use the periodic table like a Jeopardy board and have each team take turns completing sections of the table.
    • Depending on the age group, you can make this challenge increasingly difficult by adding layers of adhesive notes on each element. Each note includes increasingly difficult questions.
    • Suggested challenges/questions per note:
      • Name of the element
      • Atomic number
      • Mass
      • Who discovered the element?
      • Is it a metal, metaloid, other nonmetal, noble gas
      • Type of metal
      • Liquid, solid or gas
      • Number of isotopes
      • Melting point
      • Boiling point