Welcome to Class - Week 17- 2018-2019
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December is here and brr it gets cold in the National Day Calendar Classroom sometimes! If the classroom gets cold, imagine how cold other places get. National Sock Day on December 4 is about more than just how amazing pairs of socks manage to stay together.  Follow the lesson, learn about helping others and have fun doing it, too!

We’ve packed the classroom with other items as well! The game of Bingo celebrates its birthday in December, too. Tucked into a couple of places are a word search and crossword puzzle.  

Also, check out lessons from this week in 2017. Visit World Trick Shot Day, study science on National Microwave Oven Day, honor history with National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

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Lesson 1 – National Sock Day

This subject may not be appropriate for all ages.  As teachers, you may need to select the material that is appropriate for your classroom.  National Sock Day provides an opportunity to put warm, clean socks on those who are trying to make a fresh start in their lives. They may include some of the students in your classroom as families start over for a variety of reasons.  

Around the country, approximately a half a million people a homeless on any given night.  While many of those living in shelters or temporary housing, still others live where they are able. One of the most often asked for items in shelters is new socks.  

Challenge students to wear fun, funky socks to class and bring a new pair to donate. Donate to a local shelter, Ronald McDonald House, or Red Cross to make a directed donation to those who are living on the streets or have lost their home to fire or flood. 

Lesson 2 – Bingo’s Birthday Month

December is also the game’s birthday month! Break out the Bingo game and play a round in celebration in December! Play during the December birthdays this month!

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