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Welcome to Class - Week 16- 20182019


Wrapping up November in the classroom, we take a look at National Inspirational Role Models Month. Since the Thanksgiving holiday gives the students a couple days with family, there’s an opportunity to discuss the people we admire.

Students don’t often get the opportunity to find out how someone became a doctor or an artist, a volunteer at Meals on Wheels or a librarian. It might surprise them to hear how some of the important people in their lives became who they are and it might surprise us to find out who our students see as role models. 

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LESSON 1 – Student Questionnaire

Discuss with your class what a role model is and who their role models might be. Print off the questionnaire and allow the students to explore the virtues of a role model. Younger students can create a collage from old magazines to illustrate the characteristics and personality their role model should have. This assignment can be a group project or one that’s sent home to work with the parents.  See lesson 2 for more. 

  1. What qualities are necessary for a role model?

  1. Describe the kinds of activities your role model would be involved in.

  1. What kind of temperament does a good role have?

  1. How would your role model handle a difficult situation?

  1. List the role models in your life.

Lesson 2 – Role Model Questionnaire

Students interview their role model to learn more about how their inspiration came to be the person they are today.  

  1. Who inspired you to be who you are today?

  1. Did you always want to be a ______________?

  1. How did you become a ____________?

  1. What advice would you give someone who wants to be more like you?

*** Remember to thank your role model and tell them how they have inspired you.

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