NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR CLASSROOM – Week 14 – November 11, 2018

Welcome to Class - Week 14- 20182019
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Heading into week 14, National Day Calendar Classroom gets ready to pucker up during National Pickle Day.  We have an experiment that will dazzle and another that will test the taste buds.  We’ve also included a quick quiz from National Pickle Day for educators to use as bonus points. Students can read the article and take the quiz included in the links below.

As always, check out the trivia, crosswords and word search puzzles. Each week, we try to bring a variety of activities to celebrate the days on the calendar to keep your classroom curious.

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LESSON 1 – National Pickle Day

In the link below, students can create a buzzer out of a pickle by putting an electric current through it.
Exploratorium Kosher Dill 

The same concept in the link below shows students how to light up a pickle.
Steve Spangler – Electric Pickle

Finally, students take a quiz about pickles.  The answer key is included for our educators.

Lesson 2 – National Pickle Day taste test

Dill pickles are sour. It’s the vinegar that makes it that way. Our taste buds are quite sensitive and scientists have determined there are at least 6 different categories of taste. In this test, we will see if your students can identify four basic taste categories – sweet, bitter, sour and salty. Assign students to bring items from each group to share with the class.

bitter – rind of a lemon or lime, dark chocolate, tomato, cinnamon (no sugar added)

sweet – apples, sugar candy, pears, grapes

sour – dill pickles, lemons, limes

salty – pretzels, saltines, chips, nuts

You will also need a pencil and paper to chart results.

Have them taste each item individually then decide which category the food belongs. After each food has been placed in a category, compare results.

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