National Culinary Arts Month - July


National Culinary Arts Month in July recognizes the professional cooks and chefs who bring innovative, unique cuisine from their kitchens to our tables.

Culinary schools, restaurants, and kitchens will be honoring chefs for their inventive recipes and creative dishes. The month-long celebration spotlights the best in the industry, including the latest trends.

All month long, culinary artists anticipate what’s new and exciting in the culinary world. From delicate pastries to the freshest seafood dishes to spice combinations, chefs and cooks hone their skills to stay on the edge of culinary perfection. It’s no surprise there’s an entire month dedicated to honoring their achievements.

OBSERVING #NationalCulinaryArtsMonth

Tackle some culinary skills. Bring home a new recipe or kitchen tool. Watch your favorite cooking show. While you’re experimenting in your kitchen, send a shout out to your favorite chef or cook. Let them know you appreciate their talents. Tell them why you keep coming back for more. Share the dishes you enjoy most on social media using #NationalCulinaryArtsMonth. If you’re a chef, show off your talent. Foodies want to see your food selfies.


National Culinary Arts Month has been observed since at least 2002.