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National Cheerleading Safety Month – March

National Cheerleading Safety Month - March

March recognizes National Cheerleading Safety Month. During the month, take the opportunity to review safety protocols with your cheer team. It’s also an excellent time to brush up on first aid practices and update certifications.

Just like any other sport, cheerleaders risk injury especially if they don’t follow safety protocols. Even when they do, an injury is inherent to the event. Knees twist, muscles strain, and joints become dislocated. Athletes need to be aware of the risks an respond accordingly. National Cheerleading Safety Month addresses these risks and how to reduce the impact on the participants.


Take part in a cheerleading safety clinic and follow the teams best practices. Visit cheersafe.org for more information. Then have fun with your cheer squad as they perform and advance! Use #NationalCheerleadingSafetyMonth to share on social media.


Since 2013, the AACCA and CheerSafe.org have co-sponsored National Cheerleading Safety Month, promoting and improving cheerleading safety for athletes around the world.

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