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National BraveHearts Day – April 28th

National BraveHearts Day – April 28th


National BraveHearts Day, April 28th honors the bravery of families dealing with pediatric cancer, the bravery of children suffering from cancer, and all the people who care so deeply about the lives of these precious kids.

This National BraveHearts Day, we celebrate the BraveHearts for Kids’ newest program to help families struggling with pediatric cancer, a phone app called Spotlight Hope. A first of its kind, the Spotlight Hope App is now available on Google Play and in the Apple Store. The app helps families plug into local resources during their time of pediatric cancer crisis. From financial help to rides to the doctor, the Spotlight Hope App provides information on how to connect to 1000’s of resources that exist in the United States to help families through a pediatric cancer ordeal.

If your life has been touched by pediatric cancer in any way; please download this free app and start connecting to a wonderful community dedicated to making the journey more bearable. Download Spotlight Hope and enjoy all the features.


Celebrate National BraveHearts Day by helping spread the word about Spotlight Hope. Use #SpotlightHope, and #NationalBraveHeartsDay to post on social media. If you know a family dealing with Pediatric Cancer, help them by suggesting they download the Spotlight Hope App to their phone as soon as possible …No family should have to face cancer alone.

Make a donation to this amazing organization so they can continue their work, www.BraveHeartsforKids.org


National BraveHearts for Kids Day was founded by the BraveHearts for Kids organization in 2015 and approved the Registrar at National Day Calendar®.

Sherry Sarver Johnson, the organization’s, Chairperson announced, “This free app furthers our ability to support families during a pediatric cancer ordeal by providing parents with much-needed information, connection to resources, and inspiration. By quickly and efficiently being able to plug into local resources, families will ultimately be able to affect better outcomes for the child with cancer —whatever stage of diagnosis —as well as parents, siblings, and extended family members.”

BraveHearts For Kids was founded in 2008 by Jeremy and Amy Jacobs, after their own daughter Ava was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma brain tumor at only 13 months old.
In a recent interview, Jeremy describes: “That moment changed our lives down to the very core of our being. The journey we traveled brought us to our knees, shattering our paradigms of everything we knew as “normal”. We made up our minds to find a way to help other families going through the same thing.”

BraveHearts for Kids helps save the lives of children by providing information, hope, guidance, and resources to families dealing with a childhood cancer crisis. Services are free, and 100% of individual contributions go to support programs which include emergency fundraising and 1-on-1 mentoring where families are matched with a mentor that has been through a similar diagnosis and crisis with a child of their own.

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