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National Bao Day - August 22


Ancient Chinese gastronomic delicacies often cause oohs and ahhs on food holidays.  On August 22, National Bao Day guarantees your taste buds will be shouting “Wow!”

At first one might consider it to be just a simple steamed bun. Dumplings aside, this is the flavorful Chinese dough used to make bāozi, or bao and is stuffed with savory meats or sweets. More than a side dish, bao is a type of sandwich which has been gaining popularity in the United States.

There are excellent reasons, too!  Created as an elegant package, bao fits in the palm of the hand making it portable. Bao satisfies with all our favorite flavors.  From spicy to sweet, BBQ and Thai, this little sandwich covers breakfast, lunch, supper and dessert.  Still hungry?  They’re great snacks and perfect for sharing, too.


Still not wowed?  Enjoy a tasty bao or six and use #NationalBaoDay to share on social media.


Wow Bao founded National Bao Day to celebrate the ancient Chinese tradition of bao and to raise awareness about the variety of contemporary bao restaurants opening around the country giving diners an opportunity to enjoy the diversity of flavors. Wow Bao chose August 22 for National Bao Day as it is the anniversary of the launch of their first bao-centric restaurant in Chicago.  They now have ten restaurants and are growing!  

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The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Bao Day to be celebrated annually in 2017.

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