National Baked Alaska Day - February 1


National Baked Alaska Day is observed annually on February 1st.

An elaborate dessert that is also known as “Omelette Norvegienne,” Baked Alaska is made with hard ice cream on a base of sponge cake and covered in a shell of toasted meringue.

In the United States 1867 there was earnest debate over the potential purchase of Alaska from Russia. Secretary of State William Seward agreed to a purchase price of $7 million, and Alaska became a United States territory in 1868. Those who were of the opinion the purchase was a giant mistake referred to the purchase as “Seward’s Folly.”

Enter Charles Ranhofer, the chef at Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City, notorious for naming new and renaming old dishes after famous people and events. Capitalizing on the heated controversy surrounding the purchase in the frozen north, Baked Alaska fit the bill. It was cold, nearly frozen and quickly toasted in a hot oven before serving.


Order up some Baked Alaska or try your hand at this recipe: Baked Alaska recipe.

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We are willing to bet you don't know the full story behind how Baked Alaska came into existence.... National Baked Alaska Day has an interesting story...