NATIONAL BABYSITTER’S DAY – Saturday before Mother’s Day

National Babysitter’s Day | Saturday Before Mother’s Day
(Last Updated On: May 10, 2023)



National Babysitter’s Day on Saturday before Mother’s Day honors the reliable babysitters across the country. On this day, we show babysitters appreciation and special recognition for their quality child care.  


Babysitting is not what it used to be. In certain parts of the country, babysitters earn a good chunk of the mighty dollar. Their skills factor into their hourly rates, too. Depending on the area of the country, sitters can demand anywhere from $12 to $20 an hour. 

Money aside, they do provide fun and safe care so parents can have some time for some rest, a dinner, and maybe a movie. The youngest of babysitters take part in childcare classes that include child and infant CPR and first aid. No matter what age, babysitters provide care to children, but babysitters also involve the children in activities, games, and help with homework. Many babysitters leave a lasting and inspiring impact on our children. Much like teachers, they are included in the set of role models children begin to collect from an early age. 


Take advantage of the opportunity to show your appreciation for your babysitter.  Send them a special thank you gift of flowers, candy or a handmade thank you card from your little munchkins! Other ways to show your babysitter appreciation include:

  • create a video message to send to your babysitter
  • tell others how amazing your babysitter is – get caught praising them, too!
  • give a gift card to their favorite restaurant
  • create a small scrapbook of memories

Some of us even remember the babysitters we had as children. Send those special people a message, too. While they likely don’t provide childcare any longer, they still hold a special place in our hearts. Share your appreciation on Social Media using #NationalBabysittersDay.

NATIONAL BABYSITTER’S DAY HISTORY founded National Babysitter’s Day in 2003 to promote national appreciation and recognition of quality child care. 


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