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On May 1st, remember to take the time to thank the educational leaders of the school on School Principals’ Day.

Throughout the school year, these educators assume the commitment to lead our young people to a prosperous future. They support and guide quality teachers and staff, resulting in productive learning environments for our children. Whether they lead an elementary, middle, or high school, a principal shows leadership skills while being approachable. Many students see their principals as role models.

Principals guide academic success and set the tone for an entire school. In most settings, they are a visible leader, one the students and teachers see daily.

Teachers rely on principals to ensure the schools provide the necessary equipment and resources. They also rely on principals to counsel and discipline students when needed. A principal represents the school at community events and meets with superintendents and community members, too.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SchoolPrincipalsDay

This day celebrates school principals, both past and present. Organize an event to thank your principal. Bring breakfast, coffee, or just a thank card, letting them know you appreciate all their time and patience with the kids and parents. Give a shout out to a school principal who influenced you during your school career. Break out the yearbook and share a photo and let them know how important they were to you!

While you’re at it, be sure to volunteer at your school. By supporting your school’s extracurricular activities such as band, choir, speech, and athletics, you’re also supporting your principals in their endeavors.

Use #SchoolPrincipalsDay to share on social media.


Janet Dellaria of Trout Creek, Michigan, founded School Principals’ Day to recognize all the dedicated leaders in schools from elementary through high school.

MAY DAY – May 1


On May 1st, May Day ushers in a traditional celebration of flowers and spring. In many ancient calendars, May 1st welcomed the first day of summer. This was truly a cause for celebration.

One of the more popular rituals was harvesting flowers and giving them to neighbors and strangers in cone-shaped baskets. These May Baskets become more commonly known as May Day Baskets. The current tradition is observed by hanging a cone-shaped basket full of flowers or other gifts on the outside doorknob, then knocking or ringing the doorbell and running away.

May Day has been a traditional day of celebration for centuries, with some of the earliest appearing in pre-Christian times. In English tradition, the observance is celebrated by crowning a May Queen and dancing around a maypole. The Finnish recognize a carnival-type celebration in the streets that includes a special type of lemonade made with lemons, brown sugar, and yeast.  In France, it is correct to give people either dogwood or lily of the valley while Italians celebrate with a seasonal feast in honor of the arrival of spring.


While there are several ways to celebrate the day, don’t limit yourself to just one! Choose several of these spring options:

  • Dance! Either dance around a May Pole or just dance with someone near to you.
  • Plant flowers. Make a point of planting wildflowers and you will attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.
  • Make a flower crown. When you’ve finished, wear it or put it on the queen in your life.
  • Fill a basket with flowers. Then, deliver it to your neighbor, ring the bell, and run!
  • You can also deliver flower bulbs that your friends and neighbors can plant in their yards.
  • Make a May Basket. Download this design to make and fill it with flowers to share.

Use #MayDay when posting on Social Media.


May Day has ancient roots dating back to Celtic traditions. The spring equinox beckoned the coming of warmer days and called for celebrations filled with rituals that ensured fertile crops and livestock. Many of the practices included dances, songs, flowers, and other traditions lost to time.

NATIONAL FITNESS DAY – First Saturday in May


National Fitness Day on the first Saturday in May offers an opportunity to be inspired and try new ways of becoming fit and healthy.

The day is dedicated to everyone – not just health enthusiasts. Step out and try a class that looks interesting. Zumba? Yoga? Yes, try it for a day. Perhaps you only want to get out and stretch. Do it!

Maybe you already have a nice routine but want to try something new. The day is an excellent way to shake up your routine. And while you’re at it, bring a friend.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalFitnessDay

Find events near you or register an event. Don’t see one near you? Create one. Motivate your community to be healthier and active.

Other ways to participate include:

  • Walk or jog a different route than you usually do.
  • Try a new, healthy recipe.
  • Replace the fries with a salad at lunch.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Take the dog for a walk.
  • Order from the light side of the menu.
  • Set the alarm for 20 minutes earlier and do some yoga, stretch, or just go for a walk.
  • Ban the sofa before 7 pm. Make a list of alternate activities to do that keep you moving and away from the tv, computer, and social media.
  • Do you get enough sleep? Make a goal of going to bed at the same time every night and waking the same time every morning.

Use#NationalFitnessDay to share on social media.


Kim Bielak founded National Fitness Day™ in 2017 to encourage healthy lifestyles across the country.



National Mother Goose Day on May 1st each year honors Mother Goose and the imaginary author of a collection of fairy tales and nursery rhymes we loved as children.  Mother Goose is often illustrated as an elderly countrywoman in a tall hat and shawl, but she is also sometimes depicted as a goose wearing a bonnet.  

Enjoy two different versions of Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater:

(Originally dated in Mother Goose’s Quarto c1825)

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,
Had another, and didn’t love her;
Peter learned to read and spell,
And then he loved her very well.

(Most well-known version)

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,
Had a wife and couldn’t keep her;
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he keeps her very well.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMotherGooseDay

In honor of the day, revisit those wonderful childhood stories with your children.  Share your favorite Mother Goose story using #NationalMotherGooseDay on social media.

Download the Mother Goose coloring page. Which rhymes are these images related to?


Charles Perrault is believed to be the initiator of the fairy tale genre when he published his fairy tale collection in 1695. His publication marks the first authenticated starting-point for the Mother Goose stories.  An English version of Perrault’s collection appeared in 1729:  Robert Samber’s Histories or Tales of Past Times, Told by Mother Goose. These fairy tales introduced Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, and others. Mother Goose’s Melody – A book of poems for children was published in 1781 and has been enjoyed by billions since then.

In 1987, Gloria T. Delamar in tandem with the publication of her book, Mother Goose; From Nursery to Literature founded Mother Goose Day. For more information on National Mother Goose Day visit The Official Home of the Mother Goose Society.



On May 1st, National Loyalty Day recognizes American freedom and is set aside for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and the recognition of the heritage of American freedom.

Every U.S. President since 1955 has set the day for May 1st. Whether they call for Americans to raise the flags, pray, or reflect on their heritage, each of them recognizes an inherent need for the country to be united in our basic ideals. Their messages speak of loyalty and freedom in equal measure, especially those who serve in the military.  And while the messages may stray some in agreement on other topics, the central messages remain the same.

Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it. ~ Mark Twain

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalLoyaltyDay

You can participate in the day in several ways. 

  • Participate in civic events
  • Take part in the political process
  • Educate yourself on local, state, and national issues
  • Exercise your right to vote
  • Attend veteran events and memorial ceremonies
  • Learn about your heritage
  • Organize an event

Use #NationalLoyaltyDay to show your loyalty to American freedom.


First observed in 1921 as Americanization Day, the holiday counterbalanced the Communist celebration of Labor Day on May Day. On July 18, 1958, U.S. Congress (Public Law 85-529) made the day an official holiday. President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed May 1, 1959, the first official observance of Loyalty Day. Each year since its inception as a legal holiday in 1958, every President has recognized the day with an official proclamation. 

National Bombshells’ Day – First Saturday In May


National Bombshells’ Day each year on the first Saturday in May encourages women to celebrate themselves and their best friends.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBombshells’Day

Use #BombshellsDay or #BeABombshell to post on Social Media.


Victoria’s Secret founded National Bombshells’ Day in 2015 to celebrate women and their best friends. Being a Bombshell means many things to Victoria’s Secret, and we would like our customers and fans to celebrate being Bombshells on this day.

The registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Bombshells’ Day in March 2015 to be held annually on the first Saturday in May.

LAW DAY – May 1


The United States observes Law Day annually on May 1st. This day encourages all Americans to reflect on the personal rights and liberties which are enjoyed and exercised daily.

The laws and courts uphold these same rights and freedoms daily. The observance promotes reflection on the role of law in the foundation of the country. It also recognizes its importance for society. Law Day asks Americans to focus on every American’s rights as laid out in the fundamental documents of American democracy: the Declaration of Independence and the federal Constitution. 

When is Bill of Rights Day?


The American Bar Association organizes events for students and local citizens. Participate in essay writing contests, webinars, theater productions, Teen Court programs, scholarship fundraisers, and award presentations, to name a few. While you are celebrating the day, explore upcoming bills and the current year’s theme. Other ways to participate include:

  • Challenge yourself to learn more about how a specific law applies to you.
  • Expand your awareness of the justice system and how it works.
  • Learn how laws are developed.
  • Ask an attorney to speak to your classroom.
  • Take students to the debate floor of your state legislature.

When you celebrate, use #LawDay to share on social media. 


The American Bar Association presented the idea for Law Day in 1957. In 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958 proclaimed the day to be observed on May 1st annually. Congress later passed Joint Resolution 87-20 on April 7, 1961.

Each year, the American Bar Association selects a theme for the celebration. Past Themes include:

  • Generations of Justice – 1990
  • E Pluribus Unum – 1995
  • Celebrate Our Freedom: Democracy and Diversity – 2000
  • The American Jury: We the People in Action – 2005
  • Law Day in the 21st Century: Enduring Traditions, Emerging Challenges – 2010
  • Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom – 2018
  • Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: The 19th Amendment – 2020KENTUCKY DERBY – First Saturday in May


    The Kentucky Derby is a tradition that takes place on the first Saturday in May.

    Its long and storied history brings out a taste for mint juleps, colorful sun hats and a thrill for the race.  The jockeys and horses will prepare for the day at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The first in the Triple Crown series, The Kentucky Derby will be followed The Preakness Stakes and The Belmont Stakes. While both The Preakness and The Belmont are the older races, The Derby has run continuously since its inception in 1875.

    The beautiful horses and the bustling crowds under the spring sunshine make for an exciting day of racing.  Add to the months of training and any money at stake, and the nervous butterflies of the event

    HOW TO OBSERVE #KentuckyDerby

    The Kentucky Derby is broadcast live, so anyone can enjoy the thrill of the race.  Tune in, or go to the race. Pick your horse and cheer for place, show or win! Use #KentuckyDerby to share on social media.


    The Kentucky Derby’s first race took place on May 17, 1875. It was inspired by the Epsom Derby in England attended by the grandson of Meriwether Lewis Clark. In 1872, William Clark traveled to Europe and developed a taste for horseracing after his experiences at the Epsom Derby. Upon returning to the U.S., he pursued creating a Thoroughbred racetrack in Kentucky. In 1875, the Kentucky Derby was born in Louisville and has remained ever since.


    Adults and kids alike participate in Free Comic Book Day the 1st Saturday in May.

    Comic book heroes come in all shapes and sizes. So do their fans. A new fan is born every day and probably more so on Free Comic Book Day when retailers take the opportunity to lure us back into where our heroes began: in the ink, the art, and the stories.

    First popularized in the United States, comic books are also called comic magazines. Generally, comic books produce drawn sequential and opposing panels representing individual scenes. Each scene often includes descriptive prose and written narratives. When placed together, the panels form a complete store or a portion of a serial. 

    The earliest comic strips, (which later gave birth to comic books), dialogue displayed in bubbles or balloons above characters’ heads. The art form weaves intricate designs. For example, text, dialogue, personalities, color, and imagery developed part of a storyline. Over time, these storylines distinguish eras, artists, genres, and themes.

    Comic book collectors come out for a free comic book and to enjoy the fandom!

    In 2001, comic book retailer Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics in Concord, California noticed how the success of movies based on comic books. As a way to expose all those moviegoers to the joys of the comic books that inspired the big-screen characters, Field created Free Comic Book Day the opening weekend of Spider-Man in 2002. Thanks to Field, there is a whole new generation of comic book fans that might never have existed if it weren’t for him.

    National Play Outside Day - First Saturday of Every Month


    If it’s the first Saturday of the month, it’s National Play Outside Day. So, no matter what month it is, everyone put down your electronic devices and get outside!

    All year long, we are given numerous opportunities to get outside and play. But sometimes, life, responsibilities and distractions keep us from spending time in the fresh air as we should. National Play Outside Day is a reminder to stretch our legs and expend some energy in the great outdoors.

    Benefits of Outdoor Play

    Why is playing outside so good for us? Besides getting us off the sofa or away from the desk, it also gives us an opportunity to explore our neighborhoods. While it’s impossible to list all the benefits of outdoor play, we do have a few to share.

    • Playing outdoors is a freeing activity. It frees us from routines, enclosed spaces and frames of mind.
    • The outdoors fills us with energy. Whether it’s the fresh air, sunshine or physical activity, we perk up and become motivated to accomplish things.
    • It clears the cobwebs from our brains. We sometimes get stuck on a topic, project or issue and are unable to resolve it. A change of scene often brings clarity we didn’t have before.
    • Outdoor play provides terrific physical activity for our bodies. Our hearts pump fresh oxygen to our limbs and brains.
    • We experience new sights and sounds. Children get to experience the world around them.
    • As a social activity, playing outside encourages positive interactions.
    • When you play outside every month, it becomes habit-forming – and this one good habit to have!
    • It stimulates the imagination. Outdoor play almost has no boundaries. Your yard can be a kingdom or the playground can be a mountain to scale.

    We’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits of outdoor play. There are so many more! So, be sure to get outside with the family on the first Saturday of every month – or even more often than that!

    HOW TO OBSERVE #PlayOutsideDay

    We know the seasons change, so what we were able to do outside last month will be different this month. However, that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the day. This is your quarterly reminder that it’s time to get outside and play. We have suggestions for every season that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

    • Explore hiking trails near you.
    • Visit the local swimming pool or even take swimming lessons.
    • Check out every park in your neighborhood and climb, slide, swing on every playground set.
    • Start a game of catch, kickball, tag, Frisbee or make up a game.
    • Go to the beach.
    • Run through the sprinkler.
    • Go camping.
    • Go fishing.
    • Fly a kite.
    • Jump in a pile of leaves.
    • Build a fort – of leaves or snow or whatever is handy.
    • Walk around the block.
    • Go for a bike ride.
    • Build a snowperson.
    • Go sledding.
    • Identify the constellations at night and look for meteors.
    • Visit your favorite state or national park.

    What’s your favorite way to play outside? Introduce some of the games you used to play to your children. Whatever you do, be sure to get outside and play! Use #PlayOutsideDay to share on social media.


    In 2011, Aaron Wiggans and Rhonda D. Abeyta founded National Play Outside Day as a reminder to explore and play in the world outside. The day encourages healthful habits that will last a lifetime.

    JOIN HANDS DAY – First Saturday in May (1)


    Join Hands Day, observed across the United States on the first Saturday in May, is about uniting the older generation with the younger generation in a day of volunteering. Instead of pointing out each other’s differences that often create distance between one another, this day is intended to bring to everyone’s awareness the benefits of aiding each other.

    There are numerous ways to join hands by volunteering.

    • Invite teens to read aloud to residents in assisted living and nursing home facilities. This can be done via video chat or in person.
    • Create a gardening program for all ages. Encourage everyone to plant, care, and reap the benefits of the garden.
    • Develop a skills exchange project where one generation teaches the other. For example, one generation helps another with modern technology, and the other shares their knowledge of fishing, sewing, and cooking.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #JoinHandsDay

    Take the opportunity to volunteer. You may just bridge the generation gap!

    Use #JoinHandsDay to post on social media.


    Join Hands Day was founded in 2000 by America’s Fraternal Benefit Societies as a way for adults and youth to work together as volunteers toward a greater purpose for their communities. In the last decade and a half, service organizations across the country have developed projects that have beautified parks, organized food drives, provided care packages for those in need, and much more, all while fostering relationships across generations.



    With layers of sweetness, May 1st ushers in National Chocolate Parfait Day.

    Enjoying a delicious chocolate parfait would be a perfect way to end your day.  Parfait literally means perfect in French!  There are a couple of ways to make parfaits. The traditional French-style uses sugar syrup, eggs, and cream. The American style layers parfait cream, ice cream, and flavored gelatin in a tall, clear glass topped with whipped cream, fruit and liqueurs. The parfait has recently taken a wholesome turn using yogurt layered with nuts and fresh fruits, instead of ice cream and sugary syrups.

    While the day focuses on the chocolate parfait, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other fresh flavors. Fruit and cream go quite well with chocolate. And don’t forget ingredients such as pretzels or cookie bits. The options are only limited by your imaginations. 

    HOW TO OBSERVE #ChocolateParfaitDay

    Enjoy your version of a chocolate parfait today with family and friends!  Create a chocolate parfait bar and let the creating begin. Be sure to share your creations using #ChocolateParfaitDay on social media to share your love for this delicious food holiday!


    We were unable to find the creator of this fun food holiday.  Our research did find this scrumptious dessert dates back to 1894 and seems to have originated in France.

NATIONAL HOMEBREW DAY – First Saturday in May


The first Saturday in May recognizes National Homebrew Day. Every year the American Homebrewers Association holds the Big Brew to celebrate the practice of homebrewing by bringing homebrewers together to make the same official recipes for side by side competition.

There are different breeds of homebrewers. Those who hold to time-honored traditions and those who push the edge of flavor and experimentation. Both express their personality with barley, hops, and yeast and a little something else.

Homebrewers dabble in a variety of styles. Where you enjoy lagers, ales, ciders, or a mead, there’s a category for you. Discover your favorite homebrew and join the competition!

And, whatever your personal flair – honey, and ginger or hoppy and dark – if you are a homebrewer, this celebration is for you.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHomebrewDay

Enjoy the flavor of a homebrew. Or, brew up your favorite homebrew and celebrate with other homebrewers. Use #NationalHomebrewDay to post on social media.


In 1988, the American Homebrewers Association presented before Congress National Homebrew Day to be observed the first Saturday in May.

NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY – First Saturday in May


Each year on the first Saturday in May, National Scrapbook Day invites the country to bring their talents together to celebrate the art of scrapbooking. Also known as National Scrapbooking Day, avid scrapbookers gather to share their craft.

Scrapbooking is a method for preserving family history, personal mementos, photographs, newspaper clippings, artwork, and other memorabilia.

Scrapbooking dates back to the 15th century.

Over the years, scrapbooking has grown into a complex art form. What was once simply cutting and pasting photos and news clippings onto black or brown pre-bound albums is more elaborate now. From colorful papers to three-dimensional embellishments, scrapbooking has been raised to a whole new level. While scrapbooking often included journalling to describe the journey or maintain the story for future generations, today digital technology allows audio recordings to be included as well.

Scrapbooking has become a popular hobby and those who enjoy it may develop a strong social network, swapping tools, advice, and techniques. Many scrapbookers may also gather at each other’s homes to create their scrapbooks and enjoying the company and interaction. They will often travel together to conventions and retreats to learn new techniques and preservation skills, too.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalScrapbookDay

Celebrate the day by creating a scrapbook page or two. Preserve your memories and photos for future generations to enjoy. Another way to celebrate is by discovering new techniques or tools. Or, invite someone to learn the art of scrapbooking. Share why you enjoy scrapbooking using #NationalScrapbookDay to post on social media.


Creative Memories created National Scrapbook Day in 1994. 

National Start Seeing Monarchs Day – First Saturday In May


Each year on the first Saturday in May, National Start Seeing Monarchs Day raises awareness to preserve the Monarch butterfly and prevent it from being added to the endangered species list.

The Monarch butterfly is a milkweed butterfly.  It may be the most familiar North American butterfly because its wings feature an easily recognizable orange and black pattern.  Monarchs typically reach  3 1/2 to 4″ in size.  In the fall, they migrate south to warmer climates.  In the spring, they return further north.

HOW TO OBSERVE #StartSeeingMonarchsDay

How can you help prevent the extinction of the Monarch butterfly? You can plant a variety of native milkweeds in your backyard, a haven for all pollinators, like the Monarch butterfly. Without milkweed, the Monarch will cease to exist, so we need people to start planting Monarch Waystations in their backyards. In these safe havens, Monarchs don’t have to worry about herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs affecting their daily meals. You can tell your friends about what you’re doing and get them to join in on the fun; the more Monarch Waystations, the better!

You can stop using those chemicals that harm so many of the small creatures we rely upon to pollinate our fruits and vegetables; think about using organic alternatives that are much more environmentally friendly. Last but not least, you can visit and to educate yourself on everything that is Monarch! It’s time to take action! Be a part of the solution for this beautiful winged creature.

Mark your calendar and help us to start seeing monarchs on the first Saturday in May! Use #StartSeeingMararchsDay to share on social media.


The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Start Seeing Monarchs Day on April 22, 2015.


Every May 1st, Americans honor the sacrifices of the combat wounded, ill, and dying service members on Silver Star Service Banner Day. The day also recognizes service members awarded the Silver Star Medal.

Across all branches of The United States military, the Silver Star Service Banner and Flag honors Silver Star families for their services and gallantry. On May 1st, the observance encourages us to honor military heroes and their families across the country.

For those who serve in the U.S. military, 1/10th suffer a severe injury. Most of those injuries are combat-related. Our veterans contend with those injuries for the rest of their lives. The injuries often serve as a constant reminder of sacrifices during war or conflict.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SilverStarServiceBannerDay

Local veteran organizations and military bases host events honoring Silver Star personnel and families. Volunteer for an event or organization. Show gratitude and thank those who have returned from deployment, wounded or ill. 

You can also get involved with helping SSFOA members with fundraising and community awareness events in your area.

Share your stories or experiences using #SilverStarService.


The Blue and Gold Service Banners made their debuts in 1918 during World War II. Over time, the United States formally adopted and made official the Blue and Gold Star Service Banners. However, the country overlooked Silver Star Service Banner. Once identified, representatives quickly designed and accepted The Silver Star Service Flag and Banner. The United States House of Representatives passed H Res. 855, a stand-alone resolution on April 21, 2010, making the SSFOA Silver Star Service Banner official and making May 1st Silver Star Service Banner Day.

Since 1818, the military awarded the Citation Star for “Gallantry in Action.” The Silver Star Medal replaced the Citation Star and first officially awarded it in 1942. Military personnel receive the Silver Star Medal for specific actions in combat. The military has awarded between 100,000 and 150,000 Silver Star Medals.

On Deck for May 2, 2021

National Days

International Days

May 1st Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History

The United Kingdom issued the world’s first adhesive postage stamp called the Penny Black. Sir Rowland Hill first proposed the idea back in 1837 as part of postal reform. At the time, the receiver bore the cost of postage upon delivery, and it could be costly depending on weight and the distance traveled. Fraud was also rampant. The Penny Black cost only a penny (as the name suggests) and the sender paid for the postage at the time of sending. The Penny Black featured a profile image of Queen Victoria. Soon, the idea of pre-paid postage spread around the world and across the pond to the United States.


Catcher Moses Fleetwood Walker makes his major league baseball debut with Toledo of the Association League against Louisville. He is one of the first African Americans to play in the major leagues and when he leaves the league several months later, is the last until Jackie Robinson signs with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.


Orson Welles’ award-winning film Citizen Kane premieres in New York City. Welles’ also starred alongside Joseph Cotton and Dorothy Comingore in a story that follows the rise and fall of publishing magnate.


Nearly 102 years after the transcontinental railroad was completed, Amtrak begins operation. The National Railroad Passenger Corporation is federally supported and provides intercity passenger train service in the United States.

Recipe of the Day

Lemonade Tea
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
Total Prep:
 5 minutes + 3 hour chill time
Serves: 8


3 quarts boiling water
tea bags
3/4 to 1 1/4 cups sugar
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate


Steep tea bags for 5 minutes in boiling water that has been removed from the heat, covered.

Once the tea is steeped, remove tea bags and discard.

Add the sugar and lemonade, then stir well.

Chill for 3 hours. Serve over ice.

May 1st Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) Birthday
Calamity Jane – 1852

Orphaned at a young age, Martha Jane Cannary grew up to be known as the legendary sharpshooter, Calamity Jane. She earned a notorious reputation in the Wild West of Deadwood, South Dakota, for her drunkenness, lawlessness, and relationships with wanted men, including Wild Bill Hickok. However, most of the stories surrounding her life are unverifiable. Later in her life, she would perform in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in 1893 and in the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York.

Anna Jarvis – 1864

Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day in the United States, created the day to honor and fulfill her own mother’s dream. As a result, the day celebrates mothers all over the country and the world.

Scott Carpenter – 1925

A pioneer in space exploration and a member of the Mercury 7 astronauts, Scott Carpenter, became the second American to orbit the Earth. Carpenter left the surface of land behind by being both an astronaut and aquanaut.

Max Robinson – 1939

In 1978, Max Robinson became the first African American broadcast network news anchor when he joined the ABC World News Tonight team.

Judy Collins – 1939

The American singer-songwriter achieved critical success in the 1960s and 70s with hits such as “Both Sides of Now” and “Send in the Clowns.”

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