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8 Ways to Find a Missing Pet


1. Prepare for it. Make sure your pet has tags with your current phone number and the animal’s name. If your animal is chipped, be sure to maintain the information on the chip when you move or change numbers. Have a current picture of your animal. They do change as they age.

2. Leave a piece of your clothing or a blanket you’ve slept with outside along with your animal’s favorite food and water outside where he can access it. Dogs and cats both have a keen sense of smell. If they are near, your scent and their comforts will bring them home.

3. After exhausting your search, print up fliers with identifying information – animal’s name, sex, how to contact you. Leave one important characteristic out so if someone contacts you, you can verify they have your animal. It can be a color of a marking, a scar, how many socks they have. Include tear-off strips with your phone number.

4. Post the flyers everywhere and on social media, too. Give them to neighbors, local stores, gas stations, retail shops.

5. Contact your vet and other veterinarians in the area. Let them know your animal is missing and leave them your information. Email them a flyer.

6. Visit local shelters and leave them copies of your flyers.

7. Visit lost pet sites on social media. Place a post and search them too. Someone may have found your furbaby already and is trying to find you!

8. Check sale ads for pets. Someone may be trying to sell your pet.

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