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Family and Extended Family

Lissette Bartolome was born and raised in Southern California with her large extended family. For most of her life, she has lived in Orange County, CA. She and her husband (who also comes from a large extended family) were married in 2012, and they have two boys ages 11 and 6. Their 6-year-old was diagnosed with ASD, so he definitely keeps them on their toes. The 11-year-old likes to challenge his mom to video games and puzzles which Lissette loves.

Family is important to Lissette and since the kids are very involved with school activities, recreational sports, and other pursuits, that means Lissette can’t say no to volunteer opportunities. From soccer board member and PTA board to scout fundraising chair and booster club parent, she does it all.

Busy Lissy

And Lissette doesn’t stop there! Besides being a full-time mother, Lissette also works full-time. too. If that wasn’t enough, she added a temporary full-time gig selling activewear and then added a part-time job helping a friend with her small business. It’s no wonder she came to be known as Busy Lissy!

And since she is so busy, Lissette is passionate about organization and helping others to stay organized. A keen eye for detail earned her the name Eagle Eyes at work. And since she’s a Virgo, she’s naturally a perfectionist who is up to any challenge that may seem impossible. One thing that Lissette always strives for is keeping positive energy around her and those who are close to her. She also offers words of encouragement, something we need now, more than ever.

Lissette does take time for herself, though. She has a weakness for feel-good movies, especially Hallmark movies. She also loves to read but prefers books with paper and binding – a real physical book. As a busy mom, quiet time is important, too. When she finds some, Lissette enjoys a good hike, a long shower, a nap, or even just hiding out in the bathroom. What mother hasn’t done that? She will also dabble in crafts and DIY projects.

Not Too Busy to Celebrate Every Day

All of her jobs and volunteer work require Lissette to spend time managing social media accounts or marketing. National Day Calendar® provides Lissette with tools for promotions and fun ways to engage their audience and customers. Since she’s on the National Day Calendar site almost every day, it’s also an excellent opportunity for her to Celebrate Every Day®, too!

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