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(Last Updated On: February 18, 2022)


Kelly Short Blogger & Small Business Owner

In her spare time, Kelly Short is a blogger and a small business owner of The Short Shop on Etsy. Her blog, Navigating Joyful Challenges, pairs two of her loves: traveling and cooking. As a mom of two small children with food allergies, one of her favorite things to blog about is recreating theme park recipes that are allergy-friendly. By doing this, she hopes to empower her kids and other kids with food allergies. Having food allergies doesn’t stop us from having delicious food and having fun!

When she’s not cooking, Kelly is a big tourist! She loves to travel and dreams of taking her kids to all 50 states. This Celebration Ambassador also enjoys visiting fun places around her home in California. You can bet when there is a theme park or museum nearby, Kelly will be first in line for a visit. She loves visiting different places and especially seeing them through her kids’ eyes. Kelly is currently dreaming of a vacation next year for an, ahem, milestone birthday.

Celebrating Every Day

With her trusty National Day Calendar, Kelly looks forward to seeing what National Days are each day. Not only her, but her 7-year-old son really enjoys checking the calendar each day! Kelly and her family love to #CelebrateEveryDay by doing activities or watching videos relating to the National Day. Kelly even plans meals sometimes according to what the national day is. She looks forward to all of the national state days so she can dream of each place she’d like to visit someday. Other favorite days include:

  • April 19th – National Garlic Day
  • March 4th – Marching Music Day
  • February 9th – National Pizza Day
  • December 4th – National Sock Day
  • September 13th – National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Kelly is so thrilled to be a National Day Calendar Celebration Ambassador and share the excitement of these fun National Days with all of you. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and her blog, Navigating Joyful Challenges.

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