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June 4th and National SAFE Day holds the power to prevent tragedy from repeating itself.  One in every three households in the United States has a gun stored somewhere inside.  The Brooklynn Mae Mohler Foundation is committed to ending senseless child deaths through education of responsible gun ownership and empowering parents to ask about guns where their children visit.

How many close friends does a child have? One in three households has a firearm.  If one of those households has a gun, is it secure? What about family members? Do they visit cousins or other relatives that may have unsecured guns? Secure storage is vital to the safety of children and is the responsibility of the gun owner.

The life of one innocent child is not worth challenging the odds of possibility.  There are many ways to secure a firearm, that still allow for fast access, and there is no excuse to place easy access above child safety.

Parents, whether gun owners or not, need to take steps to educate children and to ask the question when in homes where their children visit– “Are there any unsecured firearms in the home?”


S- Secure all firearms in the home
A- Ask the question about unsecured firearms in the homes your child visits
F- Frequently talk to your children about the dangers of firearms
E- Educate and Empower others to be SAFE

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National SAFE Day was submitted by the Brooklynn Mae Mohler Foundation in 2016 and was approved by the Registrar at National Day Calendar. On June 4, 2013, Brooklynn Mae Mohler was the victim of a preventable shooting due to an unsecured firearm in a friend’s home.







Moooove over whiners! June 4 is National Cheese Day!

An encyclopedia of cheese will cover the alphabet and broaden your vocabulary. It will undoubtedly contain more varieties of cheese than what’s found at the local grocer. Cheese is produced from the pressed curds of milk. The milk can come from cows, buffalo, goats or sheep. Temperature and aging affect the flavor and texture of the cheese as well as spices and other seasonings added during the process.

The opportunity to go to a cheese tasting or visit a cheesemonger who is knowledgeable about pairings will improve your enjoyment of the cheese you choose.  Does Stilton melt? Can you serve Chévre with a salad? Be sure to ask questions and provide your preferences. Your favorite wine might find a new sidekick. You might discover a smokey spread to go with bruschetta or a tangy cheddar to pack with lunch.

In the United States, a road trip to Wisconsin isn’t out of the question for quality and variety. But, they aren’t the only place to find outstanding flavor and choice. Local delis have selections of domestic and imported cheeses, and independent shops offer a rotating inventory beckoning us to keep visiting to see what’s new.

Excellent as a snack on its own, cheese is also a perfect ingredient in pasta, soups, souffle and many other recipes. We slap it on a sandwich cold but why stop there when it can be grilled and melted like this amazing Swiss and Tomato Grilled Cheese recipe.  When company comes to visit, nothing is better than a cheeseball, especially when bacon is added.

Cheese is multinational, too! Every nation in the world has its own variety of cheese. Italy seems to have harnessed the market. They did add it to pizza, and that’s pretty amazing.  Savor the opportunity if you ever have the chance to taste cheeses from around the world. For example, hop on over to Greece.  They have this dessert called cheesecake. Delicious!


There are many ways to celebrate National Cheese Day.  Try a new recipe or take a risk and try a type of cheese you’ve never heard of before. Ask for recommendations from friends or share your favorites.  Make sure you post to social media using #NationalCheeseDay


During our research, we could not determine the origins of National Cheese Day.


Every year on June 4, it is National Old Maid’s Day.

Old Maid refers to an older, childless woman who has never been married. Another term frequently used is the word spinster.

While the term was once considered a degrading one, National Old Maid’s Day celebrates Old Maid’s everywhere and their contributions to their families and communities.  While they may be single, it does not mean they are solitary.  Today, Old Maids are often career oriented, postponing marriage and motherhood by choice or by circumstance. From a lively social life to a commitment to volunteerism as well as involvement in their church, community organizations and their extended family Old Maids are hardly wallflowers waiting to be asked to dance.

On National Old Maid’s Day, consider revising your definition of an Old Maid to one that describes an empowered, independent woman who embraces life.


To celebrate National Old Maid’s Day, get together with a group of your friends and play an Old Maids card game or bake a tasty Old Maid’s Vinegar Pie or this delicious Old Maid Cake. Use #OldMaidsDay to post on social media.


In 1948 Marion Richards of Jeffersonville, Pa, held the first Old Maid’s Day gathering.  According to a June 4, 1982, Asbury Park Press article, “Guests ranged from 75 years old down to an age when hope still flickered.” Richard created the day to honor all the contributions Old Maids offer to their communities and their families.  During Richard’s generation, single women played a major role in many areas of the schools, churches, offices and their families.  While June is full of floral bouquets, white lace and wedding plans, Richards had hopes that Old Maid’s Day would someday be as popular as Mother’s Day.


National Cognac Day is observed from coast to coast each year on June 4.

A well-known variety of brandy, Cognac was named after the town of Cognac in France.  It is produced in the wine-growing region which surrounds the town from which it takes its name.

Certain legal requirements must be met within the production for a distilled brandy to bear the name Cognac. The use of a particular variety of grape is one requirement along with the need to distill the brandy twice in copper pot stills.  The primary grape used is Ugni Blanc. The brandy must also be aged at least two years in French oak barrels from Limousin or Troncais. Most cognacs are aged much longer than the minimum legal requirement.

There are close to 200 cognac producers.  According to one 2008 estimate, more than 90% of cognac for the U.S. market comes from only four producers.

The following are cognac-based drinks:

  • Grand Marnier – made from cognac and distilled essence of bitter orange
  • Pineau des Charentes – a sweet aperitif, composed of eau-de-vie and grape must
  • Domaine De Canton – cognac-based ginger liqueur
  • Dutch brandy (Vieux) – Dutch imitation cognac, usually containing some cognac


Use #NationalCognacDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Cognac Day.

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