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Everything comes into focus on June 29th each year when we recognize National Camera Day. The day commemorates photographs, the camera, and their invention. A camera is an irreplaceable tool used to record and replicate memories, events, and people/places. Before the invention of the camera, the only resource to document a vision was a painting. Capturing an image of a person or place in a drawing took time and skill. Very few people can perfectly draw the likeness of someone, let alone capture the essence of an event.

The power of a camera provided many with a simple, inexpensive, and fast solution. George Eastman, also known as “The Father of Photography,” brought the camera to the masses. While he did not invent the camera, he did develop many additions improving the use, ease, and production of the camera. His developments made the camera widely available to homes around the world.

While the first cameras were large and bulky, each later design evolved until some cameras were as small as a pen. Today’s digital cameras have many features and variations, making them appealing to people of all ages for personal and professional use. The portable and easy to use features not only allow us to take photos quickly, but we can also edit them on the fly. Smartphones with built-in cameras include features that allow us to share photos instantly, too. 

Taking photos has become so easy, that according to Business Insider, in 2017 over 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken. From a large boxy camera to one that fits in our pocket, cameras have come a long way.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCameraDay

Whether photography is a hobby or your profession, celebrate the day by taking photos. Snap a picture of something or someone you enjoy and cherish the memory. But taking pictures isn’t the only way to celebrate.

  • Take a photography class.
  • Teach someone how to take outstanding photos.
  • Expand your photography skills by learning more about your camera.
  • Try a different style of photography or camera.

Post photos on social media using #NationalCameraDay.

Everything about taking quality photos begins with the best equipment you can find. Try these cameras for yourself.


National Day Calendar is researching the origins of this flashy holiday.



Waffle lovers finally have their day of recognition on June 29th as they celebrate National Waffle Iron Day. Some people enjoy their waffles plain with syrup, but we like ours topped with berries and whipped cream, too. Who knew a simple machine would make such a big impact on our lives!

The waffle iron is usually two honeycomb-patterned metal plates hinged together. A person pours or places the batter between the heated plates and then closes it to bake the waffle. Other patterns waffle off and on to the market reflecting pop culture so we can make waffles shaped into famous animated characters and iconic logos.

Waffle irons got their start in the 14th century in the Low Countries. Even the earliest designs that were used over an open fire would have elaborate designs such as coats of arms and religious symbols.

To waffle means to waver between decisions. Similar words with this meaning include flip-flop or yo-yo which also have National Days on the calendar!

The first patent in the USA for a waffle iron was in 1869, submitted by Cornelius Swarthout. In 1911, General Electric produced a prototype electric waffle iron. The first electric waffle iron was available to the general public in 1918.

Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman, an Oregon Track Coach at the time, used his wife’s waffle iron to create a sole for footwear that would be lightweight but also grip a surface. This design would soon be called the “Moon Shoe” in 1972 and the “Waffle Trainer” in 1974. His waffle iron shoe helped spur the growth of Blue Ribbon Sports / Nike.

Waffle iron makers today offer a large variety of choices from waffle irons that make very thin waffles to those that can make waffle cones.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalWaffleIronDay

Break out your waffle iron and give it a good work out. Share your recipes for your favorite waffles, too. We even have two recipes for you to try!

Waffles for Snacking

Use #NationalWaffleIronDay to share your masterpieces on social media.


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National Almond Buttercrunch Day is observed annually on June 29th. Toffee covered in chocolate come together to create buttercrunch. It has a crunchy texture and a caramel flavor. Variations on the recipe include toasted almond sprinkles.

Making buttercrunch calls for a good candy thermometer and some cooking experience. It takes the right tools, precision, timing, and safety to create toffee because it requires cooking sugar at high temperatures. When all these elements come together, success is sweet. Buttercrunch can be served on top of ice cream or enjoyed on its own. Buttercrunch flavored cookies or cakes are other ways to enjoy the sweet treat, too. Bakers love crumbly bits sprinkled along the tops of cupcakes for just a hint of crunch.

Another terrific way to enjoy this delicious toffee is to drink it. Its creamy, sweet nuttiness adds the perfect flavor to coffees, espressos, and cappuccinos. Since several brands of creamers and syrups make this flavor, you can brew a cup in the comfort of your home. Better yet, get out and visit your favorite coffee shop. Order an almond buttercrunch biscotti to dip into a black coffee to celebrate the day instead. The candy is so versatile, mix it into a scone and enjoy it with tea.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalAlmondButtercrunchDay

Try this Almond Buttercrunch recipe or stop by a local candy shop for a taste of this sweet treat. Share your almond buttercrunch recipe here! Use #NationalAlmondButtercrunchDay to share on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Almond Buttercrunch Day.

On Deck for June 30, 2020

Recipe of the Day


Ratatouille, eggplant, zucchini, vegetables, Italian

1 eggplant
2 green zucchini
1 onion
1 large beef tomato
1 large pepper (green or red, your preference)
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
olive oil
salt and pepper


  • Cut vegetables up in equal bite-size
  • Toss with olive oil, salt/pepper to taste
  • Pour into a baking dish
  • BROIL for a few minutes.
  • MIX it up and BROIL again. Watch closely and keep mixing the veggies up every 5 minutes or so until they are a little charred, not burned
  • Add the garlic, cover tightly with foil, and bake at 350°F degrees for about 40 minutes.

Recipe Credit

Nancy Shaw – Nancy says, “My French mother used to take the time to brown the veggies first in olive oil in a pan, transfer to a Dutch oven and cook in on the stovetop. This is my version. You will have no leftovers, no matter how much you make and your kids will fight over the last bite. Bon appetite!” Thank you for sharing with us!

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