JOIN HANDS DAY - First Saturday in May

JOIN HANDS DAY – First Saturday in May (1)


Join Hands Day, observed across the United States on the first Saturday in May, is about uniting the older generation with the younger generation in a day of volunteering. Instead of pointing out each other’s differences that often create distance between one another, this day is intended to bring to everyone’s awareness the benefits of aiding each other.

There are numerous ways to join hands by volunteering.

  • Invite teens to read aloud to residents in assisted living and nursing home facilities. This can be done via video chat or in person.
  • Create a gardening program for all ages. Encourage everyone to plant, care, and reap the benefits of the garden.
  • Develop a skills exchange project where one generation teaches the other. For example, one generation helps another with modern technology, and the other shares their knowledge of fishing, sewing, and cooking.


Take the opportunity to volunteer. You may just bridge the generation gap!

Use #JoinHandsDay to post on social media.


Join Hands Day was founded in 2000 by America’s Fraternal Benefit Societies as a way for adults and youth to work together as volunteers toward a greater purpose for their communities. In the last decade and a half, service organizations across the country have developed projects that have beautified parks, organized food drives, provided care packages for those in need, and much more, all while fostering relationships across generations.

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