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Jennifer Whitten
(Last Updated On: December 17, 2020)

Meet Jennifer (Whitten) Monroe

Jennifer has been accused of being a Pollyanna more than once in her life. She believes that a good attitude and optimism are choices. It’s no wonder Jennifer gravitates toward the National Day Calendar motto of Celebrate Every Day! 

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Jennifer follows joy wherever she goes. This incredible spirit would accompany her through a 27-year career as a school Speech Language Pathologist. Unsurprisingly, she credits her students for motivating her.

“The kids I work with on a daily basis inspire me in untold ways. We celebrate the big and small milestones every day.”

Inspirational Gratitude

One of Jennifer’s greatest heroes is her father, an orthopedic surgeon. During surgery, he unknowingly contracted hepatitis from a patient. Thankfully, he did receive a liver transplant, adding years to his life. It was during this time Jennifer would realize the importance of counting her blessings.

“I have had the most full, wonderful life and I am truly grateful for all of my experiences.”

Already equipped with a grateful spirit, Jennifer still credits both of her parents for her positive outlook on life. Obviously, she knows the importance of having an amazing attitude. It’s no surprise Jennifer stands because of her of attitude of gratitude.

According to Jennifer, being an Ambassador means taking Celebrate Every Day to the next level. Whether it’s giving away donuts to police officers and firefighters on National Donut Day, she dedicates her life to the pay it forward spirit. 

Bold, Brave & Confident

Throughout the years, Jennifer is always eager to strike up a conversation with strangers – a character trait that is a guiding force in her life. Undeniably, her outgoing personality is one reason she has been able to meet long-time heroes and making lifelong friends.

A few years ago, during a David Letterman show, Jennifer confidently struck up a conversation with the wife of Lance Armstrong backstage. It didn’t take long for both ladies to realize their love for scrapbooking. Immediately afterwards, Jennifer began creating albums for Lance and his Tour de France wins.

On another occasion, Jennifer came across some fun information. Her birthday was the same day as Unbroken author Louis Zamperini. As another testament to her character, Jennifer began wishing Zamperini Happy Birthday each year. Truth be told, she would call him every year until his passing.

If you’re lucky, you will meet Jennifer on the street. She encourages people to approach her and share what their favorite National Day is. However, you should be ready for her to grab you by the arm with a “Let’s go celebrate!” 

Jennifer is now retired and lives in Texas, where she Celebrates Every Day on Instagram.

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